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Here is my list of cards

Nin jas

1x Haku (Blood Line Trait) (Foil)
1x Naruto Uzumaki (Imposter)
1x kakashi Hatake(Holo) (Confidence in subordantes)
1x Hinata Hyuga (Holo) (Gentle Heart)
1x Choji Akimichi (Holo) (Chubby)
1x Kurenai Yuhi (Holo) (No effect)
1x Konohamaru (Hokages Grandson)
1x Kakashi Hatake(Holo) (No effect)(Foil)
1x Naruto Uzamaki(Nine Tailed Chakra) (Foil)
1x Iruka Umino (Scape Goat) (Foil)
1x Sakura Haruno(No effect) (Foil)
1x Sasuke Uchiha (Open Your Eyes) (Foil)
1x The Third Hokage (Village governor) (Foil)
1x Haku (No effect) (Foil)
2x Zabuza Momochi (Demon Of Cloud Village) (Rare)
1x Kakashi Hatake (Rare) (Copy Ninja)
1x Rock Lee (Rare) (Genius Of Efforts)
2x Iruka Umino (Rare) (Scapegoat)
2x Naruto Uzumaki (Nine tailed chakra)
3x Naruto Uzamaki (No effect)
1x Iruka Umino(Devoted To Pupil)
2x Rock Lee(No Talent)
3x Might Guy (Fervent Words)
2x Konohamaru (Hokages Grandson)
3x Konohamaru (Corps Formed)
1x Kakashi Hatake(Confidence In Subordinates)
4x Kakashi Hatake (No effect)
3x Sasuke Uchiha (Open your Eyes)
2x Sasuke Uchiha (No effect)
3x Kiba Inuzuka (Combination)
5x Akamaru (Partner)
3x The Third Hokage (The Village Govenor)
3x Kaede Ureshino (Relocation)
6x Kuerenai(No effect)
5x Shino (No effect)
3x Sakura Haruno (Ability For Adjustment)
2x Sakura Haruno (No effect)
3x Ebisu (No effect)
3x Mizuki (No effect)
2x Neji Hyuga (No effect)
3x Choji Akimichi(No effect)
4x Ino Yamanaka (Loves Rival)
4x Shikamaru Nara(Lazy Bum)
4x Tenten(No effect)
5x Hinata Hyuga (Gentle Heart)
4x Asuma Sarutobi(Optimist)
2x Haku (No effect)
2x Zabuza Momochi (Zero Visiblity)
5x Zabuza Momochi (No effect)
2x Zabuza Momochi (Demon Of Cloud Village)
8x The demon brothers gouzu
8x The demon brothers meizu


1x Gathering Herbs (Foil)
1x Exhaustion Of Stamina (Foil)
1x Browsing In A Bookstore (Foil)
1x Oath Of Pain (Foil)
1x Gato Transport (Foil)
1x Failure (Foil)
1x Leaf Ninja Forces (Foil)
1x Revival (Foil)
1x Public Execution (Foil)
1x An Accident
1x Gathering Herbs (Foil)
1x Blood Line Of The Uchiha Clan (Foil)
1x Intent To Kill (Foil)
1x Bingo Book (Foil)
1x One Morning (Foil)
1x Specific Instructions (Foil)
1x After The Battle (Rare)
1x Kakashis Foresight (Rare)
4x Gathering Herbs (Rare)
6x One Morning (Rare)
2x The Hero Appers
2x Lone Avenger
1x Teaching Of The PRevious Hokage
4x Revival
3x Leaf Headband
2x The Worst For Last
2x A Kind Teacher
3x The Most Unpredictable Ninja
3x Battle Of The Clones
6x Ichiraku Noddle Shop
1x Public Execution
1x unwanted Child
1x The Worst Client
1x Intent To Kill
2x Gato Transport
2x Bingo Book
2x Shooting Star
5x Ninja Academy
1x Failure
1x Manji Battle Formation
1x Leaf Ninja Forces
2x Small Act Of Courage
2x Specific Instruction
6x Mission Of Capturing The Missing Pet "Tora"
1x An Accident
1x Exaustion Of Stamina
3x Blood Of The Uchiha Clan
2x Seesaw battle
4x make out Paradise
2x Three Man Squads
3x Left Behind
2x Browsing In A Bookstore
1x Inner Sakura
1x Look For The Red Four Leaf Clover
2x An Outcasts Dream
1x Oath Of Pain


1x Lightning Blade(Foil)
1x Leaf Hurricane (Foil)
1x Parasitic Insect Jutsu (Foil)
1x A Thousand Years Of Death (Foil)
1x Sharingan Eye (Foil)
1x Shadow Shuriken Jutsu (Foil)
1x Expansion jutsu (Foil)
1x Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu (Foil)
1x 8 Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula (Foil)
4x Sharingan Eye(Rare)
5x Byakugan (Rare)
5x Water Style: Giant Vortex Jutsu
2x Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu (Rare)
2x Escape Jutsu
2x Sprinting In The Mist Jutsu
1x transformation Jutsu
2x Clone Jutsu
2x Earth Style: Headhunter Jutsu
1x Mind Transfer Jutsu
2x Fire Style: Fire Ball Jutsu
2x Silent Killing Jutsu
2x Shadow Clone Jutsu
2x Demon Wind Shuriken Windmill of Shadows
6x Cross-Shaped Shuriken
2x Crystal Ball Jutsu
2x Summoning Earth Style: Fanged Pursuit Jutsu
1x Water Prison Jutsu
1x Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
1x Ninja Art of Mimiery
2x hidden Mist Jutsu
1x Transform Jutsu
1x Disguise Jutsu
1x Athousand Needles of Death
2x 8 Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula
1x Evil Illusion: Death Mirage Jutsu
1x Sharigan eye
4x Kunai
1x Water Style: Water Dragon Jutsu
1x Shadow Shuriken Jutsu
1x Parasitic Insect Jutsu
2x A thousand Years Of death
1x Substitution Jutsu
3x Tree-Climbing Training
2x Shadow Possession Jutsu
4x Expansion Jutsu
2x Sexy Jutsu
1x leaf Whirlwind
1x Leaf Hurricane
1x Harem Jutsu