As mentioned in a previous thread, I bought 3 boxes of the stuff and absolutely love it.

Distribution was pretty good and despite a high number of SP cards I only came up 14 cards short of the base set and only 1 card short of the Perez sketch decoy cards.

below is the Ichiro post card box topper from one box. a cool idea. love the pic.
Also, the Clemens rip card that contained the Matsui mini. Not a big Yankees fan, so that was a bit of a Yankee double whammy for me. Shoulda just left the ripper alone and tried selling it on ebay.

these are the GU jerseys and bat cards. I like that they're 'framed' minis. cool idea.

scans of the base available if wanted.


that's just my 2 cents. ignore as needed.

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