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#1431636 - 11/07/06 06:17 PM Re: Cards For Sale. [Re: bbo]
Bid more or post more... tough one...

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"They were both shown cards that sold for more than my asking price on eBay."

What is so humorous is that both cards that sold for more on eBay were PSA graded examples. FYS not only is quick to point out how competitive SGC is with his perpetual head-to-head thread, but even quicker to pounce on the examples where SGC gets creamed, then he is more than happy to take personal advantage. Notwithstanding comments stating flat out that he is beginning a collection of cards in those years. But before the ink is dry on the postmark, said item is up for sale.

How are those sales coming, by the way?

No one begrudges you the profit potential. But why sneak around and make blatantly false comments in attempts to hide your motive? It also calls into question your "contest" data. Are you really including all the examples, or is it to your advantage to hide the crushing defeats since you were the winner and plan to sell later?

Very rich, indeed. Not to mention this partial cut and paste that captured the attention of the subconcious as my eye perused the computer screen:

Old, dense-headed

The only reason I even linked the eBay auctions for PSA cards in the same grade was because you and Ron were giving me grief for my price. It was my way of showing that although I did buy them for siginificantly cheaper, I felt the sell price was reasonable. Note to self: never say for sale at "reasonable" prices again. Nothing more complicated than that!

You speak as though you actually are aware of the e-mail myself and Ron had a few weeks back. Ron had saw me bid on some 48 Bowman's and asked me if I collected the set because he was getting ready to sell his full set. I told him I was picking up 48's on the cheap and basically could not afford his beautifull set. A week or so after that traffic, he had the Bowman card for sale on eBay. I bid and won. I felt I got it very cheap and though I could benefit from a flip. Nothing more complicated than that!

"How are those sales coming" - What kind of statement is that? For the record, I have sold 2 of the 20 or 10%.

I bought cards from eBay (public auction) and put them up for sale at a higher price in the message board marketplace. Nothing more complicated than that!

All the cards I have purchased that had a PSA comparison are in the World Series of Grading thread. There are at least three that I remember off the top of my head and they are all significantly less than the PSA example. That is my goal, buy bargin priced SGC cards and sell for a profit. Nothing more complicated than that!

There are about 6 people that post on this board. 1/3 of which simply naysay anything I post. If I were clever enough to manipulate a market and make false comments and hide my agenda for my master plan, I certainly would not be posting on this site.

My Master Plan and Agenda:

1. Continue to try and buy cheap SGC cards and sell them at a higher price.
2. Continue the World Series of Grading Thread, which includes every single head to head comparisons, even when I get a great deal.
3. Set up personal SGC registry sets for raw cards personally submitted by myself and I want to keep in my standing collection.
4. Sell of the SGC cards that I self submit that I do not want in my standing collection.

Nothing more complicated than that!
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#1431637 - 11/07/06 06:20 PM Re: Cards For Sale. [Re: srs1a]
Bid more or post more... tough one...

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Publishing a ton of questionably relevent market data...while bottom fishing on beautifully rich.

One advantage of tracking all the realized prices, is that you get a very good idea of market prices, which means you can bottom fish or get good deals. Is that such a bad thing? I guess I am naive and do not understand the full richness or humour.
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#1431638 - 11/07/06 07:32 PM Why FYS's research figures are arbitrary [Re: FYS]
The Collectinator

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Publishing a ton of questionably relevent market data


I appreciate that you are doing a lot of work to show strength in SGC prices. All along I have speculated that your examples were gently manipulated so as to influence the outcome.

I KNOW that I can come up with a season where I can make either SGC or PSA "win" 162 to 0 and it won't take a lot of effort.

For example, in about 5 minutes of work tonight, I was able to start a season using the EBay completed auction snapshot that I am given as of tonight. Here's the start of a potential season

1966 Topps Rose "7"
PSA EBay Auctions: 160044326458, 180042541606, 250039467472
SGC EBay Auction: 300043649058
Results: 46.09, 49.09, 51.44 (PSA) versus 41.09 (SGC)

1966 Topps Mantle "6"
PSA EBay Auctions: 250042196744, 330042063141, 320039659392
SGC EBay Auction: 300039795247
Results: 135, 157.50, 124.01 (PSA) versus 108.50 (SGC)

1965 Topps Rose "7" versus SGC 86
PSA EBay Auction: 190043038726
SGC EBay Auction: 160043677478
Result: $230.38 (PSA) versus $177 (SGC)

1965 Topps Rose "8"
PSA EBay Auctions: 320039662766, 320043505935
SGC EBay Auction: 230039551965
Results: $325.00, $355.00 (PSA) versus $275.00 (SGC)

1964 Topps Koufax "5" vs SGC 70
PSA EBay Auction: 250040508979
SGC EBay Auction: 330040678615
Results: $44.78 (PSA) versus $18.50 (SGC)

1963 Topps Mays "5" vs SGC 70
PSA EBay Auction: 280043557650
SGC EBay Auction: 330040679869
Results: $42.00 (PSA) versus $41.00 (SGC)

1948 Leaf Kiner 5
PSA EBay Auctions: 230042291030, 220040143215
SGC EBay Auction: 150052819647
Results: $88.88, $69.99 (PSA) versus $45.45 (SGC)

So the beginning of my work has PSA ahead 13 to ZERO. I know if I wanted to stay up until 3am I could make a 162 to ZERO result happen for either side.

You've stated that many people are throwing stones at your efforts. It's only because we know that the results can be made to come out however the author wishes it to come out.

All this having been said, I firmly believe that SGC prices are far superior to the levels they were at 5 years ago. I am hopeful that at some point in the future, there will truely be equality in prices realized between grading companies. In so much as well over 90% of my collection is in SGC slabs, I am betting on it. Unfortunately, we are not there at this juncture.

Sorry to have hijacked this thread but it did seem to intertwine with the whole SGC/PSA pricing issue.



#1431639 - 11/08/06 12:12 PM Re: Cards For Sale. [Re: FYS]
Maybe someone will get it slabatized next.

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I'm glad I got a 7 for $51 + fair shipping.

Email sent!


Put the package in the mail tonight.

Got it!
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