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#147438 - 06/22/03 06:39 AM How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set?
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I found out about grading cards in 1997 or so with Psa and then later
Sgc. I thought it was a great idea. Anyhow the first set I collected
graded were the 1964 Topps Giants. I battled the number one person
on the Psa registry for a year or so. I think he and I were really the only
two chasing this set in high grade early on. I lost interest in the set. The reasons:
Mostly on the fact that the cards were so plentiful in high grade
and two I was getting beaten by the more determined Psa guy -
'thegemmintman.' I still thought to complete this set in nm/mt grade
but I spent most of my $$$ and timing tracking red man cards. So now
I've sold my Giants except for a handful.

My question is how often do any of you start a set only to stop or think
of stopping it? I really enjoy the size, color, and overall appeal of
the red man cards so I have no intention of stopping. I plan to upgrade
after I complete my sets as well. It will be a life-long goal. My question
is for why do people stop a set? Do you find it difficult at times working
on the same set especially with all the nice cards out there?

I see a lot of obstacles doing a set that can cause either a lack
of interest or just giving up. For me they include supply, cost, and
size of a set.

I thought about starting a 1955 bowman football set but the size to me
is a turnoff (160 cards). I like really small sets. That and the cost
committment required to do this set right. I usually prefer Sgc 88
especially after analyzing this football set. That would be the way to go.
Now I'm trying to do an 55 Bowman Eagles team set in Sgc grade.
I wonder though is a team set a weak attempt to get some satisfaction?
I am a set collector by heart!



#147439 - 06/22/03 11:30 AM Re: How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set? [Re: aconte]

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I have found that now with CGC, I'm buying everything.. From like 1993-1999 I was buying only Amazing Spider-man.. nothing else. Now suddenly that CGC is available I see these cool covers that I want to buy and I know they're in a decent grade.. so I end up side-tracking myself by buying all this stuff rather than working on the ASM run that I need to complete.
I'm sure the Amazing Card-Man knows what I'm talking about!!!

Looking for TtA 57 in 9.0 or better, ASM 28 9.2, STT 101 8.0, and Cap America 119 9.6

#147440 - 06/22/03 12:24 PM Re: How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set? [Re: murph0]
The Amazing Card-Man

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My problem is not focus -- it's restraint. 660 is a whole heck of alot cards. You always need more, but sometimes the finances aren't there. Like right now, I have offer to scoop up a nice lot of 1977 SGC 96s. But the timing is not right cash flow-wise. On the other hand, I'll need the cards eventually? But then again, with that thinking you could dump any thought of restraint.

So focus is not a problem for me. I love the challenge of a big set. Sometimes guys are sprinters; others are marathoners.

---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89

#147441 - 06/22/03 09:09 PM Re: How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set? [Re: murph0]

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I have found that now with CGC, I'm buying everything.


I hear you. Several months ago, I started buying CGC graded ASM's and I have found it to be just as addictive as baseball cards....another problem is that I had to buy both graded and ungraded comics so that I could read them. Perhaps that roughly parallels the need expressed by some vintage baseball collectors to "feel" and "smell" the vintage cards they collect. This may sound weird to some, but the olfactory examination of fresh, high-grade vintage issues brings back some great memories.

#147442 - 06/23/03 06:57 AM Re: How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set? [Re: aconte]
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Tony, good question. From my perspective, it is certainly easy to start a set...and once you get near the end, it appears to be hard to the real danger of losing interest/focus probably comes in the middle -- say 25-75% completion.

The only way that I've kept (relatively) sane is by doing large submissions (>150 cards), so that I can take relatively large jumps in a short amount of time. I would certainly go crazy building a 600 card set a single card at a time -- I'm just not a patient person, I guess.

I do not think that I will ever do another graded set after I finish my current project as Vintage Topps baseball sets are just too big and costly. I think that player sets are a nice option -- this is how I caught the bug...and even for someone like Aaron, the basic set only numbers in the 20's of cards. Unfortunately, I've already completed Aaron, Banks and Clemente (my favorites), so would have to figure out who else to start...I toy with the thought of doing Eddie Mathews, but his rookie is a bit brutal ($26K in PSA-8 -- last card in the '52 set -- ouch!)


#147443 - 06/23/03 08:55 AM Re: How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set? [Re: srs1a]
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My 2 cents. I know where Matt is coming from and the reason that I simply CANNOT collect a large set is that I would lose all restraint and want to be "done yesterday" which obviously isn't possible unless you have bottomless pockets.

Now as to the small sets they can be both sprints and marathons. A sprint perhaps just to say you've completed it and then the marathon of upgrading it ad-infinitum begins.

I personally stick to small sets and individual players and it allows me to keep that balance I need so that I don't become obsessed as I know I would with a 660 set.



#147444 - 06/23/03 01:27 PM Re: How Hard is it to Stay Focused on Completing a Graded Set? [Re: MW1]
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MW1- It's ironic but my problem regarding CGC graded comics is just the opposite. I have either complete runs or near complete runs of most books (DD, Conan, Iron man, Avengers, FF, Amaz Spidey) etc. If I get them graded I won't be able to read the books. Since most were acquired from the newstand on date of issue they are all mid-to high grade.
I'm a completionist. Whether it's comics or cards, once I undertake the endeavor, I don't stop till I'm done. My being patient helps me stay focused and committed.

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