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#151419 - 06/27/03 04:33 PM Mike Lowell: Hot!
The Amazing Card-Man

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Since I got into building a 1977 SGC Topps set, I have selling all other elements of my collection. Years ago, when Mike Lowell was at a low point, I scooped up a goodly number of his rookie autograph cards: Donruss signature, Donruss Millenium marks, Bowman certified blue. Got them all in the $4-$5 range. I've been selling them at 3x and 4x that price. Sure, they'll cool off, but what do I care? If I wasn't paying attention, I might get burned, but that would be my fault, not the evils of over production.

Modern makes a lousy long-term investment, but short term you can make money. With that in mind, modern is not hopeless investment-wise.

Just my $.02.
---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89

#151420 - 06/27/03 04:47 PM Re: Mike Lowell: Hot! [Re: vayank]

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I agree. In fact, I think there's a curious trade-off with modern issues. The risk is greater, but so is the possibility for short-term profit. With vintage issues, the opposite appears to be true.

#151421 - 06/27/03 04:58 PM Re: Mike Lowell: Hot! [Re: vayank]
Bid more or post more... tough one...

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Overall I agree with these comments too. Back in 1991 I speculated with
a lot of the Premier issue of Stadium Club Football. Bought a ton
of Dan McGwires for $3 each, Nick Bell $2 each, Ricky Irvins same
thing, Todd Marinovich $2, and Harvey Williams for $1. If it wasn't for
the load of $1 Brett Favre's I bought I would of lost a few bucks.
Instead I did pretty good when I moved the Favre rookie cards.

I wouldn't call it investing as much as speculating for a short term

I've always thought of card collecting as a hobby where you can
have fun and maybe grab a couple dollars from a collector's standpoint.
From MW1's point of reference it is obviously more. But I'm talking
from the collector's end. Long term there could be some investment
potential but you are better off in the stock market long term.

But I agree VaYank that I'm the first to dismiss modern cards as
[!@#%^&^] while there is certainly an opportunity to make some money.


#151422 - 06/27/03 05:55 PM Re: Mike Lowell: Hot! [Re: aconte]

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I guess many of us would agree on the issue of modern cards. I could hardly give away most of the modern cards I accumulated in the '90s. With that being said, I know there is a small potential for hitting it big with some modern cards. I remember in the mid '90s I had a chance to buy several '85 Topps McGwire RCs for $12 each. By the late '90s, I was kicking myself for not doing it.

But these days with so many brands and variations, where would you start? SP is usually pretty hot. Some of the new cards are cool, and I think the inserts of vintage players are interesting. But when it comes to spending my money, I've been sticking with the old stuff.

#151423 - 07/06/03 02:07 PM Re: Mike Lowell: Hot! [Re: chuckster]
The Collectinator

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When speculating on modern cards, it is all about luck. Sure, back in 1991 you could buy up a bunch of rookies at a couple of bucks apiece. And packs (even the superpremium stuff) usually didn't go over 4 or 5 bucks for 12-15 cards. Nowadays, however, pack prices are seldom less than 8-10 dollars for the hot stuff, and that is for 3-5 card packs, with only 3 or 4 rookies per box! Even the lamest rookie cards in premium sets will run you 15, 20, even 30 bucks or more. Plus, there are so many sets now that finding that one card that is going to be the consensus favorite is almost impossible until the end of the season. You can't just go out with 50 bucks and buy up a couple dozen rookie cards to gamble on anymore because even if you find the next big superstar, people will only want his die-cut, radioactive, signed in his children's blood, game-used jock strap card that only comes one per case and books at $200 right from the get go.
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