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#19451 - 10/30/02 05:10 AM Does anyone care about Redman?
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You know, Redman the tobacco cards that were produced back in the 50's? Do these things have any real value? I mean, I have several stored away... Stan Musial, Enos Slaughter, etc. etc, and I'm wondering what, if any value these things have? I got them for free from a friend of the family, and I'm afraid they are missing the little voucher/coupon tab at the bottom... so I imagine that ruins any real value, but I just haven't been able to track down much, if any, information on these things.
Just curious.
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#19452 - 10/30/02 05:53 AM Re: Does anyone care about Redman? [Re: Illiterati]
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Welcome to the Board -- at least the card section. I can't help but hopefully one of the hardcore vintage types will be able to. Signed,

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#19453 - 10/30/02 12:49 PM Re: Does anyone care about Redman? [Re: vayank]
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I believe that in most cases depending on overall condition red man cards
with out tabs are usually valued at around 25-30% of those with tabs.

To get an idea of what the book value is your best bet might be to pick up
the latest SCD Annual Baseball Card price guide at a bookstore (or just
browse through it). Another idea to get an idea of what these might be
selling for is to check out concluded auctions on ebay.

I hope this helps.


#19454 - 10/30/02 04:26 PM Re: Does anyone care about Redman? [Re: Illiterati]
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As my username may suggest, I do care about Red Man tobacco cards!

I became "hooked" on these cards in the early 1980's, because of their rarity and colorful imagery. About 60% of all Red Man cards had their tabs removed in order to redeem the "tabs" for premium baseball caps (for children). Therefore, the cards with tabs still intact, carry a significant value premium.

As "aconte" mentioned, most guide books list a 25-30% value for cards without tabs, versus cards with tabs. Given the rapid increase in demand and value of graded cards in NrMt or better condition, the 25-30% range is valid only for cards in ExMt or lower condition. Red Mans, without tabs, in Nr-Mt or better condition, would bring about 5-10% of the value that NrMt cards with tabs are currently selling. For example, an SGC 88 (PSA 8) graded common Red Man card currently sells on eBay for $175 to $250. A similar ungraded common Red Man, without the tab, would sell for $10 in NrMt condition, $5 in ExMt condition, and $3 in Vg-Ex condition.

Over the years I have had the opportunity to correspond with a large number of people who have attempted to assemble sets of these cards in NrMt condition with the tabs still intact. At times, it has become very frustrating because of their scarcity as well as the escalating price increases that have occurred over the past 5 years (e.g. 1952 PSA 8 Williams recently sold for $13,015). Consequently, many collectors have settled for collecting the Red Mans, without tabs, in NrMt condition. For example, the same NrMt 1952 Williams, without the tab, would sell for $100. In Ex-Mt condition, the card would sell for $50, and in Vg-Ex condition, around $25.

There is good demand for Red Mans, without tabs, in NrMt and ExMt condition, especially hall of fame players. There is very little demand for Red Mans without tabs in Vg-Ex condition. It is very tough to find 1952 Red Mans without tabs in NrMt condition, so they generally carry a premium. For example, a 1952 Musial, without tab, in NrMt condition can sell for $85, a 1952 Slaughter for around $35, a 1952 Mays for $100, and a 1952 Snider for $60. A 1952 common, without tab, in NrMt condition can sell for $10.

Hope this "rambling" is of some help and welcome to the forum. Feel free to email me with any additional questions you may have.


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