These are some cards I picked up after the National from a dealer I met in Cleveland. I'll start from the bottom and work up.

Zuverink is a tough card, always o/c, but I couldn't pass on the sharp corners, deep color, shiny gloss, focus/register and NO PRINT DOTS.

Black printer ink bled into the top border, but the centering and corners are virtually MINT. Some minor surface scuffs beneath Johnny's name.

Had a hard time finding a nice upgrade for my old Kindall. This one has a tiny nick in the left border where the orange circle meets the white border. Also a bit of a print smudge upper right to about halfway down. An 86 is a fair grade.

Nice card if you like Carolina Blue or players named Nixon.

Fully expected Porterfield to go higher. Thought I had a slam dunk 92. I think SGC is a bit harsh on stray print marks like the upper left on these yellow cards.

Two pack fresh rookie prospects. With my eyes closed, I can smell the bubble gum.
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The last five are all upgrades for my set. More scans can be found over there. The Temple and Zuverink are both available, plus the following that have now been replaced in my Registry set:

123-Dillard (86)
141-Shipley (88)
181-Porterfield (86)
274-Kindall (84)
344-Nixon (86)
#1 in 1959 Topps. Officially known as Assassin according to stanthemanfan 3/31/2014 and god of minor league basketball according to cammb.