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#1977601 - 03/01/08 11:23 AM Re: How Do You Guys Decide What To Grade [Re: Novocent]

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Numbers 2 to 4, would be the reasons for me. I've never been much of a set collector, so number 1 wouldn't really apply to me (though owning a graded set would be cool). The other reason would have to do with preserving my collection. I have bought several graded cards but have yet to send some in myself. I will send some in soon though.
#1977606 - 03/02/08 08:11 AM Re: How Do You Guys Decide What To Grade [Re: thephilosopher]

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The reasons I've had some of my cards graded are:

1. Looks and Protection, my soon to be 7 yr. old son likes to look at and handle them. I had them in 2 piece "snap tight" type holders and I've dropped a few and they have popped apart. I don't want to tell him you can look but don't touch. He is the reason I've even unpacked them from their 15 year nap.

2. I was curious as to how some would grade, thus giving an idea as to how I will insure them properly.

3. A few of the cards I will have graded will be for trading purposes, so I can snag some cards on my old wish list without spending alot of extra cash.

I chose SGC after reading several blogs, forums, and visiting each graders web page. The Holders were tied for first in looks w/ GAI(glad I didn't make that mistake) and their reputation is as solid as it gets (plus my wife's family is from Jersey). Some of the cards I am grading will be for sentimental purposes (my grandfathers' cousin played in the 40's-50's) and some I just like the looks of. I am in the design stage of a display for the SGC holders.

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#1977608 - 03/02/08 06:52 PM Re: How Do You Guys Decide What To Grade [Re: meatheadjerry]

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I have had sets graded that I wanted to have preserved in the condition they are (80 burger king, 80 topps). I have graded sets that were rare (t118, 33 goudey).

The value thing is the best reason to get graded.
The next is keeping the condition the same forever.

Just my two cents><

#1977706 - 03/09/08 05:19 PM Re: How Do You Guys Decide What To Grade [Re: poorman]
Dan M

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Hi all. I'm new to the forum.

I get cards graded for display purposes. I like having all cards in the same holder. I am in a bit of a quandry over modern cards which fit in the ultra pro holders. I like the uniformnity of having all cards displayed in the same manner, but not sure if I want to pay more in grading fees than cards are worth.


#1978347 - 10/05/08 11:06 AM Re: How Do You Guys Decide What To Grade [Re: Novocent]

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I like to send unreleased cards in for protection. My only problem with SGC is that they are unable to grade some thick cards as seen below:

I hate wasting shipping money.
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#1978729 - 12/30/08 06:26 PM Re: How Do You Guys Decide What To Grade [Re: Novocent]
Carpal Tunnel

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I was just reading this post. I like the preservation aspect of it.
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