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#2004647 - 12/27/11 08:46 AM Need some info on scanning
Just got here

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I wish to add some scanned images to my registry set. I was wondering what settings are best. Such as best DPI setting & what format to save to (TIFF, JPEG, PDF etc.). My scans don't look as sharp as some I have seen on the registry. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. BTW I have a Cannon MG5220 scanner. Thanks for the help.


#2004648 - 12/27/11 09:01 AM Re: Need some info on scanning [Re: kace]
Carpal Tunnel

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Kevin I use JPEG and they work great.
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#2004651 - 12/27/11 10:28 AM Re: Need some info on scanning [Re: Blackie]

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Hi Kevin,

On DPI I use 300 but they look about the same at 150. I think a monitor only can show up to 75dpi, above that it will only help print outs and such. I also save as a Jpeg.

On clarity- I do know type of scanner makes a big difference and the all-in-ones usually are not as sharp as the scanner only. I know it has something to do with how they scan items but I dont know the technicial reason. Maybe someone else can chime in.

#2004652 - 12/27/11 11:40 AM Re: Need some info on scanning [Re: SMtJoy]
Irwin Fletcher

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I just bought a new scanner because my previous one (part of an all-in-one) never produced clear scans of SGC slabbed cards. Because of the depth of the slab, you will need a scanner with CCD technology (as opposed to CIS) in order to get a clear scan. Fortunately, CCD scanners can be found relatively cheaply. I went with the Epson V30, which I bought last week for $60 at Office Depot. It does an incredible job scanning SGC slabbed cards.

I scan at 1200 dpi and save the image as 1024 x 768 resolution JPG for use on the SGC Registry. Now I just need to re-scan all of my cards!

#2004654 - 12/27/11 12:35 PM Re: Need some info on scanning [Re: Irwin Fletcher]
Just got here

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Thanks for all the info. It was very helpful.


#2004902 - 01/07/12 02:36 AM Re: Need some info on scanning [Re: kace]
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Welcome aboard Kevin!

I too just recently bought the Epson V30 and it is a fantastic scanner for cards and does great with SGC slabs.

While JPG is the correct file format, Scanning at 1200 dpi could take a long time and saving the scan at 1024 x 768 is quite a large size.

Im not sure scans that large are the way to go. It may make looking at your registry set very time consuming waiting for the pics to load.

Also Pics that size are way to big in my opinion to work on the message boards.

Maybe Irwin Fletcher will chime back in with addition info.

Here is what I find works best:

I scan at 48 bit color using 300-350 dpi

After cropping. I resize and save the scan at 400 pixels.

I am very satisfied with these results for using on message boards, ebay, etc.. The SGC set Registry may require a certain size to work best. I have not messed with my registry set in some time, but I do remember it taking an awful long time for the photos to load, so making them to big might cause slow load time when viewing your SGC registry set.

Again maybe Irwin Fletcher will chime back in with more info.

In the mean time I hope you enjoy the scans!

The Epson V30 also does great with Raw cards!


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