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I think there is a little bt more than 3% operating costs such as truck insurance, maybe truck payments, liability insurance, cost of helper(s). Maybe he pays for their health insurance, unemployment insurance etc. Maybe there are weeks when he moves only one or two. Too many variables to consider. The grass always looks greener until you get close up.

Yeah, you're right. I considered some of those things after I posted. I don't think you can factor in the truck payments and insurance though because he would probably own those either way. But I bet the liability insurance is probably expensive. He said it was just him and a partner so there really wasn't any additional employees. You also have to figure he's probably paying his own health insurance and (should be) putting some money back for retirement. He did say that he didn't have any slow periods though. In fact, (and not to get political), he said that his business has been very busy since Obama took office. Then again, things might slow down for him come November. Let's hope so

But he said he does other stuff too. Safe repair, lock outs, re-keys, etc.
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