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#2011157 - 09/22/12 05:54 AM Thread on Net54...

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Interesting thread on Net54...

At first, I thought the OP was just over reacting. Then I read posts 12, 13 and 14. The more I think about it, they are definitely right.

This line from post 14 sums it up the best: "Come on SGC! Don't turn into PSA, please!"
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#2011158 - 09/22/12 07:44 AM Re: Thread on Net54... [Re: vintagetoppsguy]

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I saw this across the street a few days ago, my initial reaction was the H...

Personally, I don't like it, and that's without going into my feelings toward Probie, which are about 99% negative. If you want to stick a business card in with the shipment, well if you think you have to, okay, I can throw it in the trash with the rest of the packing. But don't be putting advertising crap on my slab, especially from this worthless pos.

Guess for now when I do a submission I'll write on the invoice "Please don't put a Probstein advertising piece of crap on my slab."

Just one more reason to keep my cards raw.

#2011159 - 09/22/12 08:10 AM Re: Thread on Net54... [Re: vintagetoppsguy]
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 Originally Posted By: vintagetoppsguy
At first, I thought the OP was just over reacting.

Based upon the OP's second sentence, "Not quite sure how I feel about this," your first thought was incorrect. However, when you cited the other posts (12, 13, 14), you allowed yourself to be influenced by the words of others and possibly over reacted your own self.

The first time I got ad-crap in my cards back from TPG, I came close to over reacting, but I chose not to. I simply wadded it up, poured kerosene on it, torched it with a blow torch turned up to 1340 degrees, then flushed the charred remains down my toilet with the previous morning's recycled oatmeal.

It's not good to over react. That's why I never do it.
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