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#2015152 - 01/22/13 07:57 PM Re: What a day for football! [Re: BigRedOne]

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Not only is Brady over rated, he's a dirty player too...
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#2015161 - 01/23/13 08:45 AM Re: What a day for football! [Re: vintagetoppsguy]

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I think Brady just had a bad and frustrating day.I don't believe he is a dirty player just the Ravens had him very frustrated. I don't believe he is over rated for being a 6th round pick and going to 5 Super Bowls and winning 3.The defense was bad but you are not going to win a playoff game scoring 13 points so I don't blame the defense. Brady just was off that game.I have him in my top ten QBs all time but not in the top 5.
#2015187 - 01/23/13 07:43 PM Re: What a day for football! [Re: hitman]
old hand

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I like dirty players..

From Butkus trying to twist your head off and Deacon Jones head slapping you in the ear hole..
to Jack Tatum knocking out a reciever, and of coarse Mike "Mad Dog" Curtis lying out the Drunken Fan. And who could ever forget one of my all-time favorites Conrad Dobler! Back when it was a real game, football was about Intemidation! Football has lost its toughness where the players on the field decide the game, NOT a bunch of ticky tack pass interference calls or some stupid "don't touch the QB call"

The passing game is the worst part, Just letting these recievers run virtually untouched. Its no wonder why even the average NFL qb is able to throw for 3-4 thousand yard every year.

When you lay the wood like Doug Plank and Chuck Cecil did to those recievers coming across the middle they'll think twice about it the next time and thats where Intimidation gains you the advantage in the game. The gladiator/warrior aspect is all but lost in today's climate controled game.

In the immortal words of the great Al Davis

"In the first quarter the opposing quarterback must go down, and he must go down hard"

That Brady Slide? Please, thats modern day cream puff stuff. Hell nobody even got hurt! Now that guy who got knocked out! Thats Football! Im surprised they didn't call a penelty on that.

What a sissified game it has become when the biggest "dirty Play" of the game is Tom Brady's slide.

I think a Mean Joe Greene elbow to the head is in order here.


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