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#2015558 - 02/08/13 02:14 PM Size requirements of 1939 Play Ball and a question

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Hey dudes,

I recently submitted a 1939 Play Ball Sample Hank Greenberg card that had been graded a BVG 1.5 to be crossed by SGC.

And this is what I got back from them

So, my question is three-fold.

1. Why would Beckett grade a card that did not meet it's size requirements?

2. What is the difference between a card being 'small' and being trimmed?

3. Do you think that since the nature of the card is a promotion, or a sample, that it cannot be judged against issued 1939 Play Ball cards' dimensions?

Please provide some insight, just looking for some answers right now.

I collect Hank Greenberg
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#2015560 - 02/08/13 05:31 PM Re: Size requirements of 1939 Play Ball and a question [Re: broth4]

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Hey broth,

Let me see if I can help.

1- Why would Beckett grade a card that did not meet it's size requirements?

Each company has their own standard and feel for every set, Beckett has no problem grading sheet cut cards, SGC and PSA will not so a lot goes into it. I also think Beckett is trying hard to break more into the Vintage market so might be a little less strict on thins like measurements.

2- A card that is small just means it was cut a little short at the factory, maybe that sheet shifted at the cutting stage. Some cards like ones on the outside of a sheet have this problem more than others, a lot of factors.

A card that is trimmed just means someone/something after the card left the factory trimmed the card, could have been a kid to fit into a scrapbook or someone looking to make an NM card into a mint one.

3- The card you have is a sample, ie a very cool one. We have no idea if it was cut from a normal sheet or produced as a special promo so hard to really classify it, if it was mine I would not really care what grade it had even an auth as I would have it slabbed just to protect and to prove it is a true 1939 Playball sample. I really do not think the grade makes a difference on a one of a kind card like that.

Here is a unique panel I had slabbed for the same reason and expected an Auth as its the only one I have ever seen.

#2015561 - 02/08/13 05:44 PM Re: Size requirements of 1939 Play Ball and a question [Re: SMtJoy]
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Couldn't have explained it better. I wish SGC would do that.

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#2015573 - 02/09/13 05:34 AM Re: Size requirements of 1939 Play Ball and a question [Re: SMtJoy]

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Beautiful explanation Scott. Thanks for sharing it.

#2015576 - 02/09/13 06:04 AM Re: Size requirements of 1939 Play Ball and a question [Re: trex]

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Someone had this on the Net54 forum and i posted some stuff on it as well

related info of the card:
1939 Play Ball Hank Greenberg Sample Card (#56)

This is an interesting specially produced card which was issued by Gum, Inc. only to retailers in 1939 when they were rolling out their first baseball cards. A small quantity of standard 2 1/2” by 3 3/8” cards from their very first set (#’s 1-115) were overprinted on the back with info advertising the new product, and to hopefully generate interest and sales. The additional promo text is printed on its side in red (over the standard back card text in black) and says “FREE Sample Card. Get your pictures of leading baseball players. Three picture cards packed in each package of “Play Ball America” Bubble Gum. At your candy store. 1˘”. This #56 Hank Greenberg card is otherwise identical in every way to a standard production cards issued in packs and a wonderful addition to any Tiger fan's collection.

also looking for 52 #311 A variation mantle
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