Not sure if many on here know much about the 1979 Edmonton Oilers postcards (one of Gretzkys rookies), but I'll ask & see

While most anything is possible, could the cutting of these been not so strict, thus producing different sizes ?

I've been after one of these for a while ... even purchases one & returned it.

When I looked at the edges with a loop, I noticed this ... the cut on the top and bottom edges did not match the sides ...the surface print curved into the SIDE edges & meshed together ... the top and bottom edges had a razor / blade cut

Most if not ALL BGS & PSA examples all show the same (cutting) features as the one I bought and returned ... at least the HIGH end ones

problem is, that if you resize the raw and graded copies to the exact size, place them side by side, all the graded ones come up SHORT (some badly)

Am I in the wrong here ? I dont think I am.