Not really. I doubt I'd ever submit to SGC, and outside of the tobacco card market, they have less of an industry presence than GAI. I wouldn't NOT buy a card in an SGC holder like I would a Pro or SCDA slabbed card, but if I had a choice between a 1957 Topps Roberto Clemente in a PSA 7 or SGC 7, I'd buy the PSA 7, even if it cost me a little bit more. Nothing against SGC, but it's just a personal choice.

Before I get labeled a PSA sheep, just remember that I've been one of their biggest critics (the recent PSA 9 Alcindor rookie from the shady seller, the broder cards they graded a year or so ago, etc.), and don't even get me started on BGS. I say what I think, and let the chips fall where they may. Case in point.



Okay. Getting past all that, do you not agree that the SGC product is rapidly gaining in popularity and that even you might be tempted to submit a few cards within the coming week?

Apt reading.