Fron the CU Board. Please note, this is not my invoice. This card was a PSA 8 twice and then it came back as trimmed. Which is it? Why do people keep submitting cards to PSA?

Invoice #4109670 Ive sent in this Pete Rose card 2 times bc I thought it was a nine for sure, Both times they graded it an 8 like it was before. Well this time its trimed, What should I do? Ask PSA to review it? Im really bumed out bc I payed 600.00 for it bc it was a high end card. Im hoping psa just sliped and its really not trimmed, it sized up when I checked it, and if you ran the serial numbers before and after my pete rose card the guy who had it graded the first time had PSA 9's all over the place of mantle, aaron, and mays.
Not how I wanted to start my weekend, but I am happy with the other grades
Not bashing PSA at all Im just upset that my all time favorite card came back the way it did, Oh well life goes on.

You gotta love consistent grading.