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#2392 - 08/03/02 01:45 AM GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option??
The Amazing Card-Man

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I'll start by throwing the question out....
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#2393 - 08/03/02 03:59 AM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: vayank]
The Venus Card Trap

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They're a late-comer to an already crowded market. Too many rivals competing for too few $$$ will inevitably cause the quality of grading (offered by the late-comer) to erode in an attempt to attract those $$$ and stay in business.

The only reason for its existence (as I understand it) is the implosion at PSA. A spin-off created as a result of nasty in-fighting and having a dubious historical connection to a market leader (PSA) that is on the decline (IMHO) ... hm-m-m-m.

They won't be in business very long (my prediction).

Which brings up an interesting question: What is the value added (if any) to cards graded by a defunct grading service (remember SBC)? If they are cheap, do they represent a good sight-unseen gamble for purchase and subsequent regrade as a way of improving a collection in a cost-effective way?

... my mind wanders

#2394 - 08/03/02 05:37 PM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: deadlyembrace]
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Tough call here. It's impossible to open the minds of most collectors to anything new. Speaking for myself, I'm a creature of habit. I bitch about PSA's lack of consistency as I fill out a bulk submission form!!! I know SGC is a stronger grading team and I ship west anyway. That is starting to change some and I'm not alone. I do think Globals holder is pretty nice and they will be innovative. I think they're attempting to be an all-encompassing authenticator...Art, Unopened cardboard product, even designer handbags. They are hiring all the top authenticators in all these fields at large salaries. My question is where is the $$$ going to come from until they gain market share? Will customer service suffer?
No question, they can grade a baseball card, but so can the current options (usually). It's up to the open-mindedness of submitters and GAI's innovations. I have no questions about integrity at this point. Speculation on that is a waste of time. Bottom line...if a submitter is happy with thier grading company they need a REASON to change...if not, GAI becomes an OPTION.

#2395 - 08/04/02 08:23 AM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: vayank]

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Well, we all know that GAI over grades their cards, which is kind of dumb! But in my opinion, PRO is probably the worst grading company out there. Looking at cards in PRO holders is a joke!


#2396 - 08/24/02 06:15 PM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: vayank]

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i have to agree... PRO suck the big one...i your lucky enought to grab a pro 10.0 52 topps mantle then u best be glad that SGC does crossovers........least they did a year or so ago... has that changed...?????

I wonder.... people are suing McDonalds for selling fast food and we all know tis not good for u and they sue anyway....can we sue if we buy a PRO card and they say mint and it like a 6 orsomething??? hahhha JK

we all know PRO grades trimmed cards...the bast%#ds...meanwhile SGC has the best lookin holder in the industry (even better then BGS...who can stand the WHTIE UGLYholder they givethoeunder8.5........)...can PRO GET ANY UGLIER...

my question is is USA and PRO the same?? same holders.... same point scale.....what gives??? and are they both crappy???

who the heck is GAI anyway.... this whole situation give me diarrhea
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#2397 - 08/24/02 07:03 PM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: vayank]

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At this point for me, no company outside of the big three will get my business. I agree that GAI got into the market too late, and if they have a future collectors will need time to view many examples of cards they have graded. If they prove to be consistent graders, then they may develop a following. I realize that they employ some hobby veterans, but any new service requires time to build trust. Never say never, but for now I'll be sending my cards to SGC.
#2398 - 09/10/02 08:47 AM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: vayank]
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Only time will tell. While they are a late comer to a crowded market, they bring a very experienced team with them. One could argue that they actually started the grading game (I won't though) More importantly, among the PSA "old-school" there is a tremendous amount of loyalty to this collection of folks.

As far as I can tell, their grading appears to be accurate -- I haven't seen any that are rediculous, anyway.

We shall see.

#2399 - 02/24/03 10:18 PM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: srs1a]
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what's wrong with "gai" people. aren't they just gay people living in france or certain parts of quebec?

#2400 - 04/10/03 07:43 PM Re: GAI: Part of the Probem or an Option?? [Re: vayank]
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Bad for the hobby. Already too many grading disservices out there.
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