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#246159 - 10/27/03 10:08 AM Feedback about dealer & SCD Regular "Polo Grounds" needed
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I subscribe to SCD's weekly issue and every week I see an ad with vintage baseball cards from Polo Grounds out of Plantation Florida. Anyone have any experiences with them as a dealer and specifically about the accuracy in their own evaluation of grading raw vintage cards.

Quite a few of their raw cards are listed as "MT" or Mint condition. They show grades for NRMT MT, NRMT+, NRMT, EXMT, EX+ and EX, which leads me to believe they are very careful in their raw card grading. Has anyone here purchased a "MT" or Mint card from them and was their grade accurate? They are also note they are a PSA dealer on their ad and web site. They also have a 10year SCD Customer Service award and they have 3038 positive feedbacks on ebay with zero negatives.

What grabs my attention with the amount of MT cards in their ad is that there's examples of the same cards in PSA 8 priced considerbly higher than their raw MT version. Seems rather odd to me. Examples from the SCD November 7th issue that fit this are:

1953 Bob Feller PSA 8 at $800, while a "NRMT MT" of same card is $185.00
1954 Willie Mays PSA 8 at $2700, while a NRMT MT of same card is $900
1962 Roberto Clemente PSA 8 at $450, while a "MT" of same card is $350
1963 Sandy Koufax PSA 8 at $550, while a "MT" of same card is $400

I will likely contact them about this and what their guarantee is behind the "MT" assertions that they make. They sure do have a stellar reputation by all accounts and have some nice cards that I'd like to add to my collection.

Just want to verify this with anyone here that have some experience with their "MT" cards.

Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!


#246160 - 10/27/03 11:58 AM Re: Feedback about dealer & SCD Regular "Polo Grounds" needed [Re: estang]
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estang --

I've had some limited experience with them and have been happy the results.

Pay very close attention to their return policy and comply with all aspects. That is, during your purchase (while on the phone) ask to have their return policy clarified. Keep a copy of all receipts in anticipation of returning some of the cards.

If, after their arrival, the cards are not to your liking, call to obtain a return order number (I think that's what they called it). They will then take the cards back and refund your $$$ no questions asked.

Of the cards I purchased from them, I returned about 60-70% ... which is not a ringing endorsement of their grading abilities. On the other hand, that means I was willing to take a chance on submitting up to 40% of their cards to SGC for grading.

One last thing: for no reason in particular, it has been several years since I last dealt with Polo Grounds.

Hope this helps.

#246161 - 10/27/03 10:07 PM Re: Feedback about dealer & SCD Regular "Polo Grounds" needed [Re: deadlyembrace]
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I never bought raw cards from them, but my recollection is that they were stand-up folks.


#246162 - 10/28/03 05:24 PM Re: Feedback about dealer & SCD Regular "Polo Grounds" needed [Re: estang]
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My experience (with 1971 baseball only) is that very few of the cards they list as mint would actually grade mint if sent for grading. Most would get an SGC 84/86 and a few SGC 88s. Although I did get a beautiful 1971 Bert Campaneris from them that graded SGC 92 - an exception to my overall experience. I asked them what they think their mint cards would grade if sent to PSA/SGC and they said mostly 7s or 8s. If they truly had mint vintage cards one would think they would get them graded and and significantly increase their profits on the cards.

#246163 - 10/29/03 06:11 AM Re: Feedback about dealer & SCD Regular "Polo Grounds" needed [Re: wrigleyfield]
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I'd have to agree and disagree with Wrigleyfield. Relatively few of the cards I kept and had graded by SGC came back with mint (or better) grades. All but three came back graded SGC 92. However, check out the following cards from my 1962 Topps collection (scans are in the set registry) ... they all originated from Polo Grounds:

1962 Topps 543 Bob Allen (SP) - SGC 96
1962 Topps 577 Dave Nicholson (SP) - SGC 98
1962 Topps 586 Sammy Esposito (SP) - SGC 96

One final thing: I ended up selling all of the 92's on Ebay and making a little $$$ on the deal.

Luck of the draw ...

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