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#260859 - 11/13/03 06:47 PM Results of My Long-Term PSA Crossover Experiment
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Over the past year and a half, I have been buying advertised "high-end" PSA 8's and slowly crossing them over to SGC holders. This week - I completed the last X-over and would like to share my results.

Here are the cards - all in PSA 8 holders except 1:

1968 Bill Freehan PSA 9 went to a SGC96
1959 Topps Don Drysdale crossed to a 92
1964 Topps Roger Maris to a 92
1961 Topps Roger Maris MVP to a 88 (nothing higher and this 88 can't be beat by the other 2)
1950 Bowman Preston Ward to a 92
1965 Topps Sandy Koufax to a 88 (I will put up a scan tomorrow - absolutely undergraded by SGC - unbelievable when you see the scan)
1962 Topps Don Drysdale All-Star to a 86 - 1962's are too tough to self-judge.
1964 Topps Tony Kubek - I thought the card was trimmed and resold on Ebay - lost about $20.
1964 Topps Whitey Ford - a great card at that SGC really picked on - resold on Ebay - lost about $25.

Here's my take on the whole process of PSA crossovers - an excellent way to get high-grade vintage cards that are a) not available for sale in SGC holders or b) would be priced beyond reason due to the scarcity. All of the 92's are either 1/2 or 1/3 on the SGC pop report. I think the 59 Drysdale maybe 1/1 in the 92 holder.

Even for cards that would not cross - losing $20 bucks or so is not enough of a penalty to stop a person from taking a chance of scoring a high-grade 40 - 50 year old star card by a brutally strict SGC.

I'm not a proponent of PSA - actually, I'm quite happy to say that my collection is PSA-free. I just wanted to counter some of the recent anti-PSA sentiment. Good cards exist in a lot of different holders (this time I won't include PRO like I did a year ago).

My last post will be of the '65 Koufax - seeing that most of my rambles receive little to no love from the board - enjoy the holidays and take it easy. Hope to see some of you at next years National.


#260860 - 11/13/03 07:32 PM Re: Results of My Long-Term PSA Crossover Experiment [Re: stanthemanfan]
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Congrats on the results you have obtained. I too have been managing to get PSA cards into equal or greater holders at SGC but I see far too many cards that are BADLY overgraded. In fact, I just purchased two PSA 8 cards from the 53 Bowman Black & White Set. Fortunately, the seller is an upstanding guy and is letting me return them.

Here is an excerpt from my note to the seller:

Unfortunately, I will just have to go and try and resell these as they are the among the worst PSA 8's I've seen. For starters, I know that you mentioned in your ad that the reverse of both cards were clean yet there are slight stains on the upper back of both cards (more noticeable on Mizell) and the Mizell stain bleeds through to the front (top border middle).

In addition, all 4 corners of the Gernert card are touched and this is to the naked eye and there is a small circular indentation to the left of his ear.

Going back to the Mizell there is a small indentation right above his left shoulder with what appears to be an ever so small nick in the body of the card and even a 1/4" paper wrinkle about an inch in from the bottom left border in the portion of the card this is in shadow.

While I know that you are personally not responsible for grading the cards, these are not among PSA's finest for sure.

So yes STMF, I do believe that real nice cards can be found in PSA holders. As such I continue to buy them and then really scrutinize them. I know that with the stuff I am buying, I can likely resell it at close to what I paid and am willing to take the risk. I seem to have better luck with BVG than PSA and most folks bash the heck out of them. However, at the end of the day, SGC cards are more consistent.

Can't wait to see the Koufax scan!



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