Sorry, but I'm a little underwhelmed. The '61 and '62 topps sets are up, but with no weighting. Basically, they're nothing more than glorified html checklists. The weighting should have been done months ago on such commonly-collected sets. I could provide a weighting scheme for all of the '60's sets-one that wouldn't be far off of what SGC ultimately posts- if I devoted 15-20 or so hours. I really fail to see why this wasn't done for the "grand opening".
Also, the '51Connie Mack set has one registed set- complete- with no 1's, all 2s and higher, which seems conceptually impossible, and, as someone mentioned, a '71 Eddie Kasko (Mickey Lolich too) have zeros assigned to them.
Finally, I have not yet attempted to register my '61 set, and will not do so if it takes as long as others have stated.
I'll keep the faith, and hope the registry improves by leaps and bounds over the next week or two, but so far I'm not prepared to throw a party.
So many cards, so little time.