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#309186 - 02/08/04 09:33 AM Re: Answer the question Dav! [Re: estang]
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As somebody who participates regularly on the PSA board I can tell you that a majority of "Dav Haters" are people that are relatively clueless at best about what Jim says. I include myself in that group. That said, I have stood up against "outing" Jim because all of us have partial knowledge of the entire situation. In my world partial knowledge never leads to the correct conclusion. This argument works both for and against Jim. i don't know that Jim has full knowledge about the things he says either. But I do know he's a stand-up guy.

Most members have focused more on the way his message is delivered rather than the facts, which they are all very short on. Most will never get over the way the see Jim. It's a battle he can never win in any forum. Especially when the great OZ speaks out against him.

I have nothing against Joe Orlando personally. My mother always taught me to see the good in people and I'm try to do just that. I will assume that if Joe really banned Jim it is for a reason he considers to important. Joe certainly can do as he see's fit without explananation to any of us. It's his forum. In fact, Joe would probably do best by ignoring everything said on these forums. As he has stated before, the members of the forum represent approximately 1% of PSA overall business (or something to that affect). If that's true we are rather insignificant and banning Jim for his comments is irrelevant.

I just don't get the bickering or how any of us have the time to dislike so much.

#309187 - 02/08/04 11:31 AM Re: Answer the question Dav! [Re: GoSoxBoSox]

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i just don't understand why jim was booted? just because jim wants to keep psa on their toes and not let them get too automated (which i think they have been on auto pilot for over a year now) is no reason to boot him?
i think that all the info that jim has provided should be public. we should know who has left the company, we should know that they are contemplating a change in the grading scale. i don't know jim but would like to meet him someday and view the masses of graded cards. i hope you don't think from my post earlier that i was saying you were not welcome here. this is a good group of guys over here and some of the nicest cards i have ever viewed are here on the registry! i recommend bmw's o pee chee series d set and deadlyembraces 62 and 69 set. those are probably some of the nicest sports cards i have ever seen via the internet.
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