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#358659 - 03/04/04 04:28 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: carew4me]
Just got here

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Having read both boards, I've got to say that I'm actually more comfortable posting over here. If you don't mind me snipping your post a bit (I recognize that it's bad form to take things out of context, but as your message will be right above mine, people can always scroll back up and see the full context to which I'm referring), I'll explain why.


Anyone who doesn't agree with the 3 rabid dogs here with their clear cut agenda's are immediatly relegated to the status of PSA zombie. I think you do harm to regular collector's who would like to see a lively discussion of pro's and con's of all.

"Across the street" as you say, is the place where that debate happens.

It can't, though. Because PSA has banned individuals from those boards who have been critical of PSA policies. So you don't get the full "lively debate". You get the debate that includes the people who haven't made PSA/Joe mad at them. Even the people who want to adopt the "negative" side of a debate have to worry about whether they'll be banned for speaking their minds. You don't get "lively discussion" when one side of the discussion is worried about getting kicked off the boards.

I have questions about PSA policies. Every time I've posted and asked about them, I've been worried that the next time I went back, I wouldn't be able to log in. Further, anyone who posts something critical right now is being lumped into the "troll" category. It doesn't feel like a particularly welcoming community, for someone (like myself) who has just gotten back into card collecting in the last year and is trying to figure out whether this whole "graded card" thing is for him.

I get enough politics at work. I want to have fun with my cards.


1. Are there more collectors here or there?

Quantity is, by and large, irrelevant. PSA has a larger market share. If you controlled for # of cards in a company's holders, I doubt you would find much difference in participation in their respective websites.


2. Are most of the subjects discussed informative and can I learn something?

Define "most". I think there are a lot of off-topic subjects in both places. If by "most" you mean > 50%, then no. I think it's Sturgeon's Law that says (paraphrasing to be family-friendly), "90% of science fiction is crud - but then, 90% of everything is crud."


3. Do the vast majority of posters seem to have an agenda that will taint my pursuit hobby knowledge?

Unfair question, again because of relative sample sizes and the fact that people who disagree with PSA (and thus might be deemed to have "agendas") get kicked off the PSA boards. However, I have found nothing over here that "taints my pursuit [of] hobby knowledge". My goal is to be an educated consumer. To do this, I will listen to both the good and the bad, and make decisions for myself. I find that easier to do over here.

Frankly, though, I've learned the most through the net54 boards.


4. Are the debates that center around grading companies inclusive of
the 3 major grading companies, their strengths and weakness, and
the benefits and drawbacks that come with choosing any one company?
5. Are there posters who are seem to be so completely indoctrinated AGAINST
a particular grading company that you feel as though their opinion may to subjective to trust?

Your question 5 begs for a question 6, where we replace "AGAINST" with "FOR". Indoctrination works both ways. There are always going to be people who have biases either for or against a given topic. Some people will have strong opinions. Taken for what they are (opinions), that's not a problem.

I guess I also don't get the point of question 5. I don't "trust" anyone's opinions other than my own. I listen to what people have to say, I look at the available evidence, and I draw my own conclusions. I kind of thought that was how opinions were supposed to work. They're all inherently subjective.


You cant get an education if their only telling you half of the story.

You're preaching to the proverbial choir. I suspect that most everyone who reads this board also looks at the PSA boards occasionally. I doubt the reverse is true. The folks you're talking to are more likely to be getting more than half the story than the folks who only hear what the PSA moderators decide is not inappropriately critical.

Unrelated to most of the above, a question that's important to me is this: Where do I feel welcome? I'm basically a shy person. I like smaller groups. I like to be able to hang out and listen and contribute every now and then, maybe ask a question or two, and not be berated if I prefer to use just my first name, or just the internet handle that I've been using for 10 years. I value my privacy, and don't like being called a "troll" just because I choose not to attach my last name to a post. But if you look at the PSA boards right now, that's what people who don't sign their names are being called.

I like being just Morrie, who collects cards. Over here, I feel like that's okay. Over there, right now, I don't.

Just Morrie
Collector of Cards

#358660 - 03/04/04 06:13 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: unamuzd1]
I am gonna miss that car.

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I said it before and I say it again. It really is great to have a guy like Morrie here. He makes sense and is an icon for why we all collect.
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