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#358619 - 03/02/04 12:19 PM NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET

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Hello Everyone,

I appreciate your patience with this issue but I assure you that this does not appear to be anything worthy of concern. Keep this in mind, in almost 13 years in business - this is the very first time anyone here has seen anything like this - once in 13 years.

1) The Rose card/holder, that was in question originally, was 100% tampered with. PSA has NEVER failed to stand behind the product. Our buyback program is in full effect. While it doesn't happen often, we do buyback past "mistakes." I have written checks for cards that are worth a lot more than a Rose in a "9" - we are very fair with this program.

In the case of the Rose holder - the holder showed evidence of tampering - clearly. This is not necessarily something you can tell from a scan. Since the holder was cracked and we felt the card was switched - the PSA guarantee no longer applies. That's it.

2) The Rose cards, in each case, were graded years ago - this is not a recent problem, etc. This also provides evidence that this was merely a programming error - an isolated one -since we have not seen anything like it since. Again, the serial number was issued years ago and we have graded millions of cards since.

3) The Rose card in MastroNet's auction is 100% fine.

In addition, I sent a warning out weeks ago regarding baseless rumor - the kind intended to harm PSA. I just read a response where the person claims to have "inside knowledge" about cost-cutting in regards to the quality of our holders, etc. Where do some of you guys get this garbage?

To be clear - the vast, vast majority of you have been really courteous and professional about things. When rumors or concerns arise, I want to hear about it because it gives PSA a chance to respond - like in this Rose case...but in some cases, when I hear that people are claiming to "know" about things based on inside knowledge and the claims are false, we will not hesitate to remove you from the boards. We just will not tolerate it.

I do appreciate the participation and support - PSA continues to flourish.

Take care,

Joe Orlando
PSA President

Joe Orlando

#358620 - 03/02/04 12:29 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: gates69]

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um? so its ok to crack a holder and switch it with a lesser grade card?so how do we go about getting these checks that joe talks about?
ok i buy a card from joe schmo sportscards off ebay? i recieve the card what do i do if it looks like a switch has taken place? call joe?call the dealer and he says i did it? seems like there would be a lot of finger pointing going on and i am stuck with a card in a card saver with a psa label on it telling the world its worthless?

Ken Griffey Jr

#358621 - 03/02/04 01:01 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: jackstraw]
I am gonna miss that car.

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I am not sure what to believe at this point...but joe orlando doesn't explain why two cert #'s were issued to the same card. Also, according to Frank, Mike Baker who is familiar with PSA holders didn't see evidence of tampering, just evidence of recoloring.

It seems this is the only response Joe Orlando could have provided to cover himself. Frank is left out in the cold. So the bottom line is that the same situation could happen to any of us.

This is a scary situation...if true, obviously Frank, GAI, and BVG couldn't tell that the holder was tampered must have been a pretty good re-seal job which just goes to show how insecure the holder is.

someone is not being forthright here and it is either Joe Orlando or Frank...According to Frank, he specifically sent e-mails to PSA not to bust the card out of its slab...why PSA disregarded his requests is beyond belief to me. At the very minimum it shows PSA could care less about the customer which is one reason why I left in the first place. Until proven otherwise, I'll err on the side of a fellow collector.

As a footnote: I personally didn't appreciate Joe Orlando's smug reply of "i've written bigger checks before." It was kind of demeaning to Frank IMO.

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#358622 - 03/02/04 01:08 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: jackstraw]
I am gonna miss that car.

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I know that this is not an SGC related post but I will respond to it anyway. I certainly hope that I am not irritating KLL and his anonymous buddies.

If what Joe is saying is true, why didn't he provide Frank with the ammunition to go after pghsportscards? Seems a little cruel to let the guy fend for himself. The last time that pghsportscards saw this card it was in a PSA holder. Regardless of whether they knew they were selling a card that was resealed, "which could not be detected from a scan" they should not be expected to refund anyone's money if presented with a card that is now in a protecto.

PSA was the last person to hold the card while sealed and should be responsible to at least provide a letter that states that the subject card was broken out because they felt that it was resealed.

This also brings up another concern. If we are not able to tell by a scan that a card has been resealed, would we be able to tell if holding the card in hand. Certainly Baker and Rocchi did not notice anything. Maybe PSA wants to tell the public what it is that they should be looking for since there is obviously a problem with their "tamper-evident holder".

#358623 - 03/02/04 01:11 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: botn]

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Just another reason why I love SGC the way I do.
They may not be the biggest but in my opinion they are the best!!!

#358624 - 03/02/04 01:37 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: gates69]
Just got here

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As long as you guys keep talking about PSA then evreything is going as planned.
#358625 - 03/02/04 01:57 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: carew4me]

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Give me a break i guess were all 12 year olds here, is that the best you can do?

#358626 - 03/02/04 02:20 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: remo]
Old, dense-headed hammers are cool. Best nail pounders.

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content Online
No need to argue with carew4me. The data today is essentiall unchanged from 15months ago when I did the same search.

GAI and SGC are virtually identical as far as number of (baseball) auctions on eBAY. This is the way it was 15months ago, this is the way it is today. The one thing that has changed is that GAI seems to be gaining momentum in the '70's. SGC used to have an advantage there, they are now at a deficit.

My search for baseball said SGC had 390 auctions, GAI had 414 -- to my eye, the same number.

goodriddance189 on the CU board did a "total eBAY search" and got SGC with 1021 and GAI with 971 -- again, to my eye, the same number.

This is classic...when things are tough on the CU board, throw rocks at SGC. Brilliant carew, just brilliant.

BTW, are you happy with the Mr. Orlando's recent explanation of a strange coincidence in certification numbers? Just curious.

#358627 - 03/02/04 02:26 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: srs1a]
Bid more or post more... tough one...

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Do you think carew is happy with Joe O's response?

I do.


#358628 - 03/02/04 02:28 PM Re: NEWEST POST FROM ACROSS THE STREET [Re: srs1a]
Just got here

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Well, I just posted my response to Joe's lame excuse. I will probably be kicked off now.

My post:

Boy, I am glad to see Joe come clean on this issue. What a joke. This is not worthy of concern huh?, well try telling that to the person that is out the $6k on the Rose card. Programming error?, the only programming error is you thinking that people will actually believe this bull [!@#%^&^] that you spew. The programming error just happen to print out an identical serial # to a Rose card that had been graded years ago. At least try to come up with answer that his half way believeable.

I guess it is just standard policy now, that if a customer presents a card to PSA that they don't feel comfortable with, PSA can just take it out of the slab and say the holder had been tampered with and investigation complete. Wake up, when are you going to realize that PSA's holders are terrible and are being compromised quite frequently. You know you can only cover up so much. You have stayed quiet on the WIWAG scandal when your customers have pleaded for some type of answers.

"To be clear - the vast, vast majority of you have been really courteous and professional about things."

Joe, why don't you try to be professional and answer some of the questions that people are asking. Quit taking the highroad on everything. You ask, where people get their "garbage"? Well, from what I have read, straight from the people directly involved. That includes directly from the person who is out the $6k on the Rose card and the original owner of the REAL Rose rookie that is being auctioned by Mastro's next month.

If most of these people on this board didn't kiss your a$$ so much, they might be able to realize that an innocent person was taken for a large sum of money and that PSA should do everything in its power to prevent instances like this one and future ones.

Kick me off if you choose, I am just speaking the truth.


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