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#367350 - 03/15/04 06:20 PM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: grilloj39]
Just got here

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Loc: Wilmington, DE / Ithaca, NY

2.SGC / Gai
3. ...

psa... simply because they have the most cards graded and seem to have the largest support from people who sell the cards I want... I have no problem with psa... I think they are fantastic...

I also really like SGC and GAI.
SGC - never had a major problem with SGC either. I like their holders best. Their management is fair, low key and consistient.

I also like GAI a lot. They seemed to gain legitimacy quickly... and all of the GAI cards I have purchused seem to be right on the money... They do need to improve their holders... nice look but sloppy gaskets... I have had a card slip under the gasket...

I guess it doesn't surprise me that their are a lot of PSA haters on these boards...
I accept this as a "new member."
PSA is rather large and seemingly careless at times with certain individuals...
...and I wouldn't discount your negative experiences as anything less than they are.

but I can't understand the BGS/BVG support at all. I'd rather have my cards graded by EDWARD SCISSOR HANDS than send another card to them...
The whole bvg/bccg thing was quite horrific... and I lost a ton of money with the diluted pop reports.
When I tried to crossover my beckett graded cards a couple years ago...
both psa and sgc had a field day slapping them with "evidence of trimming!"
I respect the sgc enthusiast equally as the psa enthusiast... I just can't understand the love for beckett...

#367351 - 03/17/04 07:43 PM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: knickstars]

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1. SGC
2. PSA
3. BGS

1. SGC - accurate grading, great holder...good grading specials (like the current 1970 to present $5.00 deal).

2. PSA - I've seen more hits than misses...

3. BGS - Until BVG and BCCG were born, I was a BGS fan.

My list is a bit unfair because I have not tried GAI, nor have I even seen a GAI graded card in person yet. Once I do, they may very well make my top three!?

Also, it's good to be back on the boards. I have been having trouble with my account recently, but I've been reading often and it has been great to see the number of topics and posts increasing!!

#367352 - 04/02/04 04:56 AM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: Rip]
Just got here

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me, me and me

i then choose a holder
always looking for new collecting roads to travel

#367353 - 04/02/04 05:54 AM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: beefman]
The Venus Card Trap

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me, me and me

i then choose a holder

... for confirmation of you, you and you. When submitting raw, we all do that. But the question was, whose holder?

BTW, welcome to the boards.

#367354 - 08/22/04 09:39 PM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: Rip]
Just got here

Registered: 08/22/04
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Wow, my first post!!!! Just want to say hi to everyone.
I left SGC 2 years ago due to a little fallout, but I guess I forgive them now
and I'm back....submitting wise anyways.

My top 3 are SGC, PSA, and no particular order because I use
all 3. They get all my business. I don't consider BGS a real company.
They make me sick.
BGS sucks!

#367355 - 08/23/04 07:26 AM Optimum Welcome back! [Re: optimumcards]
The Amazing Card-Man

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Loc: Alexandria, Va

OC >

Saw your post..Welcome or should I say Welcome back! Do you have any sets on the registry?
---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89

#367356 - 08/23/04 08:46 AM Re: Optimum Welcome back! [Re: vayank]
Just got here

Registered: 08/22/04
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Thanks for the welcome. I'm slowly getting back with SGC. As far as the registry goes; I don't have anything yet, but I'm currently doing some cross-overs and we'll see in the near future. I mainly collect hockey and I guess that'll always be the slowest sport. Although, I did just get this back which I'm thrilled to death.
BGS sucks!

#367357 - 08/24/04 09:47 AM Re: Optimum Welcome back! [Re: optimumcards]
(S)uper Collector

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Welcome Back Optimim cards. That is a sweet hockey card and you should be proud of the grade. Hope to read more of your posts.
#367358 - 03/06/05 08:34 PM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: Rip]
Learning the Ropes

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#1 SGC
#2 who cares
#3 who cares

The only one that matters is the one that comes in first place.

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#367359 - 03/27/06 09:38 PM Re: Who are your 3 favorite grading companys? [Re: Rip]
If I just sell the car, I can up my bid...

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1. Looks like PSA has the consistency

2. BVG / BGS seem to be gaining due to 'problems' with PSA business practices

3. SCD - but are the 'new guys' as trusted as the 'red circle' SCD?

more and more cards of the higher sought after type are turning up as PRO graded? holder has some issues, but are they for real?
Offer them what they secretly want and they of course immediately become panic-stricken. óJ Kerouac

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