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#385350 - 03/31/04 11:59 AM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: SeanSGC]

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Thanks for the answer, Sean!


SeanC and everyone else,

Some of these posts remind me of that childhood game "Telephone", where factual information takes many detours. Such is the nature of message boards in general. Anyway, Dave Forman is not now or ever been business partners with Gary Moser. In an earlier post, Davalillo (Jim Crandall) mentioned that he first met Dave Forman 11 years ago (1993) and that Gary Moser and Dave Forman ran the first exclusive PSA auction. That was the first and only auction that they ran together. Some how this has been translated by some individuals into a connection between Dave Forman, Gary Moser and SGC. It is just not the case. Again that was 11 years ago. Since that time Dave Forman has been in business for himself and for a brief period was involved at Teletrade. He no longer has any involvement with Teletrade either. Dave Forman has purchased a majority share of SGC. The balance of the shares of SGC are owned by some of the original owners of SGC who are involved in the rare coin business. I hope this clears up some of the inaccuare statements that have been made on this board as well as some of the other boards (CU and Network54). As an employee of SGC since day 1 in 1998, I personally have never met or seen Gary Moser in my lifetime. Thanks for your time.

Sean Skeffington

Apt reading.

#385351 - 03/31/04 12:00 PM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman *DELETED* [Re: SeanSGC]

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#385352 - 03/31/04 03:17 PM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: MW1]

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thanks sean,
is dave going to be involved in the daily activities or is he going to lay low?are there any changes that are going to take place or talked about?thanks in advance.
Ken Griffey Jr

#385353 - 03/31/04 06:11 PM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: jackstraw]
The Amazing Card-Man

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I hope Dave will introduce himself on the Boards soon!
---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89

#385354 - 03/31/04 06:47 PM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: vayank]
Collector is an understatement.

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In regards to the lengthy thread on the Collectors Universe boards, I do not believe what one of the trolls(Bingo who has attacked me in the past)says about Dave.I will not dignify his accusation by repeating it. While not passing judgment on Gary or Gerry, just because Dave did an auction with them 10 years ago and may be friendly with them today does not taint him in any way.
I think Dave is a guy of good character and knows lots about cards. I think he will prove to be a good hire and an excellent leader of SGC.

Jim Crandell

#385355 - 03/31/04 07:44 PM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: Davalillo1]
Just got here

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Jim- I've been told our two faced friend Greg is posting as Bingo. Email or call for details.
#385356 - 03/31/04 09:31 PM I'm jealous! [Re: Vargha]
The Collectinator

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I'm just a 34 year old guy who collects "collector grade" vintage cards for the fun of it. Nothing I have is super valuable or is locked away in a safe deposit box. I've been in the hobby for more years than I care to admit and I've been a loyal SGC customer since December 1999 (my first shipment to SGC). I've had the opportunity to meet the SGC crew numerous times over the years here in Richmond, Va. and I've written to hobby publications (during SGC's lean early years) and touted the merits of SGC.

I have absolutely no idea who any of these hobby bigwigs are that are mentioned. I'm sure that their status is unqestionably earned and I make no efforts to take anything away from them.

I just want you to know that my name is Jim Reynolds and I wouldn't mind a bit if my name was bandied about on the boards as being a hobby superstar. I'd like to read about myself once in a while!

(posted completely in jest)

#385357 - 03/31/04 11:53 PM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: Vargha]
I am gonna miss that car.

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I do not think the person who has posted as Vargha is David Vargha. If this person is referring to this Greg as being Bingo on the CU forum, he is merely trying to start trouble.
#385358 - 04/01/04 01:06 AM Re: Congrats to SGC and to Dave Forman [Re: botn]

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I don't think it's Vargha either, If I remember correctly about a year ago someone was posting over here as BigKidAtHeart but it wasn't actually BKAH, rather it was a troll.
#385359 - 04/01/04 02:40 AM Re: I'm jealous! [Re: Vintagedeputy]
Bid more or post more... tough one...

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AMEN Brother! I'm just a collector too. And if you are a collector having fun
with cards and using it as an outlet to enjoy life then that is what
it is all about. Life is too short and tough at times to not enjoy a hobby
if you have one. If the hobby becomes such a big deal that every little thing
bothers you then you should get out. But if you're having fun then yes
you are a hobby superstar to me.

Now time to go make the donuts.....


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