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#459308 - 06/03/04 07:02 PM Measuring and Computing Centering
The Venus Card Trap

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I remember reading an excellent post regarding how to measure and compute centering. It was clear, concise and to the point. Unfortunately, I don't recall who posted it or which thread it was on ... and I can't locate it via the SEARCH function.

If anyone remembers, would you please post a link to the thread?


#459309 - 06/03/04 11:23 PM Re: Measuring and Computing Centering [Re: deadlyembrace]
The Collectinator

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I too, would love to read a copy of that.
#459310 - 06/04/04 07:34 AM Re: Measuring and Computing Centering [Re: Vintagedeputy]
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Here's an interesting one on exactly what various centerings look like...


#459311 - 06/07/04 12:17 PM Re: Measuring and Computing Centering [Re: deadlyembrace]
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Here's a three-step plan that should work, assuming you have a finely detailed ruler...

1) First measure the width of the border on the left and the right
and add them together for "TOTAL".
Example: 4mm (left border) plus 5mm (right border) = 9mm TOTAL.

2) For "LEFT": Divide "left" by "TOTAL" and multiply by 100.
(4 / 9) * 100 = 44.4

3) For "RIGHT": Divide "right" by "TOTAL" and multiple by 100.
(5 / 9) * 100 = 55.6

The centering numbers are always given as "50/50" or "90/10", for "LEFT/RIGHT".

So, your calculation for a card with 4mm (left) and 5mm (right) would have centering
of about 45/55.

You can do the same thing for "TOP/BOTTOM" borders, too.
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#459312 - 08/23/05 12:54 AM Re: Measuring and Computing Centering [Re: valiantman]
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I'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but doesn't CTA do so-called computerized grading?

From their website:

CTA's grade report has 8 zones; 4 on the front and 4 on the back. Four categories are judged within each zone: Corners, Edges, Surface and Centering. Centering is the only category that is graded in two zones. The front of the card is one zone and the back of the card is another. In each zone there is a graded number ranging from 0-4. Zero being no damage, 1 being very slight damage (usually factory related), 2 being slight but noticeable (usually man made), 3 being very visible yet moderate damage, and 4 being severe damage.

Corners: 1-very slight, 2-more noticeable (usually man made), 3-very noticeable corner damage 4-a rounded corner with extreme signs of mishandling. Very often, a 1 corner is missed by a novice collector.

Edges: A one indicates a slight chip in color or a very small factory roll. Two is associated with severe factory rolls, very rough cut edges, or slight rubber band marks. Three is usually an indentations on the edge or severe rubber band damage. Four will not show up on a grade report because it indicates the card has been shaven and is therefore ungradeable.

Zones 1 & 5, 2 & 6, 3 & 7, 4 & 8 are all the same for corners or edges and therefore only the most noticeable corner or edge will be called on the grading report. For example: if edge 1 is called edge 5 cannot be called.

Surface: A surface graded as a 1 shows very slight damage (a slightly visible printer's mark or a small scratch). Large, noticeable printers marks, slight stains, or noticeable scratches are graded as two. A 3 indicates a bad stain or a one-sided crease. These creases are usually factory related. Four is for serious stains and creases that go through to both sides of a card.

Centering: The two zones for centering are the front and the back. Centering is completely mathematical. On the front of the card 0=55/45 or better 1=60/40, 2=70/30, 3=80/20 and 4=90/10 or worse. On the Back 0=60/40 or better 1=70/30, 2=80/20, 3=90/10 and 4=card art runs off cardboard. The computer only allows points to come off one side of a card for centering and for this the computer takes the worse centered of the two.

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