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#48004 - 01/13/03 07:09 AM Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company
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1. Market share
1. Cheap looking holders that don't adequately protect the card. Red label is a poor color to complement a variety of cards. Holders are very thin and the card shakes around inside.
2. Buzz that dealers get preferential treatment when submitting cards. True or false, this is bad PR for PSA.
3. Buzz that they grade inconsistently. I've seen it 1st hand many times. To the point of being blatent.
4. No half grades
5. No sub-grading. Just negatives for stains and off-center.

1. Quality of the grade. They are consistently strict.
2. Sub-grades. I like to see the detail behind the grade.
3. Brand recognition
4. Best holder in the industry for preserving the card
5. Free population reports. Web based.
6. Guarantee to grade in certain time or its fre
1. Price. They are just too high
2. Sub-branding their name with BCCG, BGS and BVG. I think the BCCG product is a disgrace and caters to TV shoppers and ultimately hurts the industry. I think they made another mistake by realizing too late that there is a difference between a vintage and modern card and then branding it such. This is all unnecessary. Use one brand name and be consistent.
3. Color of their labels. Their white label below a certain grade actually deters from the card. I think the bronze color is too dark. I think that if you want to color code at all you utilize silver and gold only. Maybe you find a different shade of metallic to throw in. If I kept the colors that they had, I would have put a 9 as gold. I would also put 7 to 8.5 in silver. Everything below should be a color that is more complementary to all cards.
4. No deals or incentives to incite me to use their product. Example: registry.

1. Price. Promotions & deals.
2. Customer Service. This forum and response from SGC personnel
3. Set Registry
4. Consistency of grading.
5. Half Grades
6. Under-valued cards allow collectors to buy quality and a better price
1. No sub-grading. I admit that I like this extra information. I can generally figure it out myself, but this gives me the insight of the actual grader.
2. Inconsistency in the foam black holder. Sometimes there is a gap around the card. This gives me the impression that this insert is not applying consistent pressure, which leads me to believe that over time the edges could get damaged.

1. Nice looking holders
2. Sub-grading
3. Half grades
4. Consistent grading
5. Recent price reductions.
1. Association to Larry Fritsch. Having his son advertise with his own Mickey Mantle as if he is Mr. Common Collector is just a dumb marketing move.
2. That black foam insert. Just not sold on what this thing does to a card over time.

After stacking up these 4 big grading companies, I've decided to send my cards to SGC. I will buy from all companies except PSA.

Enjoy your collection!

Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!


#48005 - 01/13/03 10:51 AM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: estang]
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Would you have any pros & cons for GAI?
#48006 - 01/14/03 06:41 AM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: estang]
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estang- Great Post. Very concise and hitting on all the major strengths and weaknesses of the grading companies. I basicallyy collect only PSA, SGC and BGS cards. But I noticed in the last 12 months, I've purchased only 5-6 BGS cards, 100's of PSA cards and only dozens of SGC cards. Years past my buying was 50/50 between PSA and SGC. I was a little concerned when my SGc buying went down, so I did a little analysis.
Bottom line, I found I was buying fewer SGC cards for 2 reasons:
#1 My favorite dealer seems to have switched from SGC to PSA

#2 There was not enough SGC "inventory" in the market for the cards I collected.

Hopefully the success of the SGC Registry will change these things. I really enjoyed buying those "undervalued" SGC cards.

#48007 - 01/15/03 06:53 AM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: Fabfrank]
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Sounds like you have regular correspondence with a certain gentleman in Kunkletown, Pa!


#48008 - 01/15/03 08:27 AM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: srs1a]
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You're right on that one Scott. Walt and Deb are probably the nicest people on the net. I still buy from them every week, but as you know, it's mostly PSA now. I would like to see more SGC material though. Maybe they'll do like I do. Cards that I'm looking to submit I break into 2 piles. Definite 9's and borderline 9's. The definite 9's get sent to PSA. The borderline 9's get sent to SGC hoping for 96's but if I get 92's, I'm happy.
#48009 - 01/15/03 08:31 AM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: Fabfrank]
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I bought a goodly number of cards from walt and deb to build my SGC set. I had nothing but good things to say. However, while I respect their business decision, I do not collect cards sold by Walt and Deb. I collect 1977 SGC Topps cards. I wish them them the best of luck.
---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89

#48010 - 01/15/03 09:18 AM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: vayank]
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I agree, Walt and Deb get a check from me each week and have been a big help in my registry sets. Two of the best people on the Bay not to mention "On the Hill"


#48011 - 01/15/03 03:07 PM Re: Pros & Cons of Grading Services by company [Re: estang]

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I would also add as pros for PSA:
1.Prices and specials,
2.Customer Service and forum
3.Set Registry and website

For both PSA and SGC I would add their guarantees and willingness to back up their product with a buyback program as pros.

I would add Becket's lack of a guarantee a major negative to them. BVG is also known to grade cards cut from sheets consitancy wich is another negative for beckett.

I know I am in the minority but I really like the look of the PSA holder and dislike the look of the SGC holder.

I also like the qualifier system that PSA uses. I would really hate to see a nearly perfect condition 1954 Wilson Frank card be given a very low grade just because it is off-center. I think the importance of centering depends on the card issue.

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