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#57599 - 02/12/03 01:34 AM Re: Explanation of "trimmed" [Re: MW1]
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MW, I think you are being very diplomatic on this issue. I think that certain companies simply do not care about trimming, restoration, etc...all they care about is a few bucks to slab a card.

If you folks haven't seen this "experiment" done by a member of the CU board, brucemo. IMHO, it's definately worth a look. His website has lots of other interesting stuff, as well. .


#57600 - 02/13/03 03:17 PM Re: THATS TRIMMED BABY!!! YEAH!! [Re: supapimp]

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Since the grading card boom of the late 90's many card grading companies have poped up (I know there are at least 50). Althought most grade on a scale of 1 to 10 this does not mean that mean one company's 10 is equal to another company's 10. The majority of these companys are based on the business plan that if you give higher grades to you submitter's the more they will submit. The submiters then turn around and sell there gem mint graded card to buyers who think they are getting a similar quality as a PSA gem mint 10 or SGC gem mint 98 (10). There are always new uninformed buyers for these sellers to rip off. These same grading companies have also learned their submitters don't like to have their cards returned as trimmed to them, so these grading companies conviently miss obviously trimmed and other restored cards.

#57601 - 02/15/03 10:51 AM Re: Explanation of "trimmed" [Re: srs1a]

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You are quite right. There are some grading services that do not make a priority of detecting and rejecting trimmed cards. In that sense, perhaps the hobby sees these companies as authenticators rather than accurate graders. Although in this area (authentication), there seems to be a few problems too.

#57602 - 02/16/03 01:48 PM Re: A deeper explanation [Re: srs1a]

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I found out how to crack the USA/PRO case and did so for almost all of the PRO/USA cards i had bought about 4 years ago before PSA and SGC cards came down in price with the fall of the "market"...

The PRO 10s look to be 9s in some cases, but more likely to be 8s. The PRO 9.5s to 9.0s look to be 7s

its ok, im not cryings.. i leanred my lesson and my PRO cards were NOT the majority of my collection..just a few here and there. Luckily NONE were vintage..all were CURRENT stars so trimming is not evident and sizes concur as i checked them with a standard...

SO... off to SGC they go to be finally respected as a CARD in a SGC holder

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