Hey there,

What i have here is a 28X18 Signed Emmitt Smith Gameday Print #d
534/5000. It is custom framed and matted. As you all well know, Emmitt
Smith has just recently declared his retirement. He will sign a one
day contract with the Cowboys so he can retire as one. The photo is of
Emmitt, in Cowboy uniform, running ahead at the viewer with ball in
hand. It is an authentic sign, NOT a reprint. Out of those 5000 only a
handful were signed. But this is all i know about this unique print.
Has anyone ever heard of/seen this? I know that Emmitt signs things
very rarely and considering the rarity of this one, i assume it's
worth some dough. Does anyone know a price range of what this could be
worth? or even an exact price? It is in perfect condition and the
signature is right below where the ball is measuring a good 4-5 inches
in diameter! If anyone has any info AT ALL on this photo i would
appreciate it if you could help me out!

Thank you very much,