I am in the process of compiling a top 100 vintage basketball card list that I will place on my website, in some form or another, later tonight.


Now, I am having a problem on how to order this list. I am thinking of every card as being in an "average" grade. Right now, the list is organized such that if you put 10 vintage bkb collectors in the same room with every bkb card in existence, this would probably be their pecking order. However, if I do it this way, a lot of the mainstream cards will not even be introduced till like number 50.

The top 2 are pretty much set in stone, the two holy grails.
1950 Scott's Potato Chips George Mikan (if one ever goes on sale in decent shape, it could reak $10k).
1950 Bread for Energy Mikan (the last one that sold went for $7k).

However, as you can see, if I base it on what collector's would choose, it really becomes a 100 "most valuable list".

or should I go with the effect a certain card has had on the hobby
or the "magical ambiance" of a card?

So confused,