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#75093 - 03/17/03 06:47 AM Advice to new collectors
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If you could give advice to a new card collector what would it be? CHRIS

#75094 - 03/17/03 04:24 AM Re: Advice to new collectors [Re: chrisfuccione]
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My first piece of advice is DON'T get too excited when you find your niche. I.e. Don't spend too much money. Buy a little bit of this, a little of that, until you find what you really like.

For example, about in 1999, I got back in card collecting after a 8 year break. Of course, the hobby had completely morphed. Not only did the price of packs substantially increase, but grading had come on to the scene.

After studying the marketplace, I picked SGC (Holder, 100 point half grade system, underdog in the marketplace) -- but I was lunging around trying to figure what i really liked to collect. I was inclined to modern, but quickly noticed the "here today, gone tomorrow" nature of it Then I went to collecting modern future HOF in SGC 98, which was pretty fun.

However, I eventually went to building a set from my youth -- satisfying and challenging. It takes more than simply opening your wallet to build a huge older set like that.

Thankfully, I did not spend too much along the way to that point, and did well when I cashed out my SGC 98s to re-allocate the money to my set building.

So go slow at first and realize it will take some time and several false starts before you find what you really enjoy. Just don't spend too much money getting there, when patience is the only way.

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#75095 - 03/17/03 06:47 AM Re: Advice to new collectors [Re: chrisfuccione]
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My points would be:

1) Collect what makes you happy. Have fun too!

2) Start off slow like Vayank suggests.

3) Stay within your budget. Otherwise, this could lead to not having fun.

4) I'd probably recommend going with vintage if your deciding
between vintage or modern cards.

5) If you are looking for graded cards buy SGC. If your looking to
send cards in to get graded, do some research. I believe you will be
happiest with Sgc. The only other company I'd consider would be Psa.

6) Never buy a card graded by PRO unless you have money to burn.

Good luck!


#75096 - 03/17/03 07:25 AM Re: Advice to new collectors [Re: chrisfuccione]
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We've got this kind of thread on the other boards, and have stuck it to the top so that new members can easily find the advice as well as add to it. Great post, I'll make this one stick on top too.

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#75097 - 03/18/03 02:36 PM phatty's got a stethoscope [Re: Architecht]
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#75098 - 03/19/03 11:34 AM Re: Advice to new collectors [Re: chrisfuccione]
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I agree with VaYank and Aconte. Most importantly collect what you like. Regardless of whether it goes up or down in value, you will always take pleasure in ownership. If you are on a budget there are many sets to chose from. Let us know what sport you like and how much you have budgeted. We can than respond with suggestions.
#75099 - 07/27/03 12:34 PM Re: Advice to new collectors [Re: Fabfrank]

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what happened to phatty?

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#75100 - 07/13/04 01:49 PM What I should have done... [Re: chrisfuccione]
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1). Don't dive in head first.

I like what guys said above. Be methodical at first and figure out what sets interest you, or team, or player interests you.

2). See what these cards are selling for and determine if you can do it.

I am guilty of this. Its one thing to like the Goudey 33 set and start buying them. Its another thing entirely to complete it.

3). If its not fun don't do it.

If buying cards isn't fun then what's the point? Collect a set that lets you afford the quality you want. Otherwise you'll just cause yourself grief.
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#75101 - 10/23/04 06:08 PM Re: What I should have done... [Re: Jayb]
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Im not really a card collector, but my father has a very large collection of of them being Hank Aaron....I have no idea how you know what they are worth...can someone help me out here? thanks!!


#75102 - 10/26/04 04:49 AM Re: What I should have done... [Re: thunderkitten]
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If you want to send me a PM with some details I could give you ballpark estimates on value.



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