Ok you guys. Lets wake this board up. I would like to hear from you. Lets hear about your four most valuable GRADED football cards. Mine are as follows: High Book Of Course
1. 2000 Collectors Edge Supreme Tom Brady HoloGold 1/20. BGS 8.0(Dang Foil Card) $250 (1 of 2 to ever been graded)
2. 1971 Topps Terry Bradshaw BVG 7.5 $200 (1 of 37 have graded this or higher)
3. 1970 Topps O.J. Simpson BVG 8.0 $160 (1 of 22 have graded this or higher)
4. 1997 UD3 Dan Marino Marquee Attraction BGS 9.0 $120 (1 of 1, No one else has ever had this graded). Don't know how the surface graded a 8.5 since it comes with a peel off cover on the front and was only removed when sending in to be graded.

Extra: Sent off a 1972 Roger Staubach to be graded just recently and haven't received it yet. Possibly a 8.0 $175.

Don't know about Beckett grading system it seems that on the vintage cards they undergrade them. I have sent 10 into SGC to see what I get back. Will gladly let SGC grade me for know on if my suspicions are right.