Although I love all the Topps sets from the 60s, the 65 and 67 sets stand in a league of there own. The color, batting poses and smell of spring training from these sets is simply unrivaled. I’ll give the 67 set a slight edge over the 65 set due to tough high numbered series also encompassing of the Rookie Cards of Hall of Famers Rod Carew and Tom Seaver. The high numbered run is extremely difficult to acquire in high-grade, especially well centered examples. The Mantle card from the 65 set depicting the Mick’s batting pose is far superior to the 67 Mantle. The Rose card from both sets is equal in all respects, but Aaron’s 67 card is a classic. If you have any high-grade 67s your willing to trade, please let me know. If your not a trader and are willing to sell, please consider me. I may never finish this set, but it’s certainly worth the hunt.

By the way, I'm only looking to aquire SGC graded or raw 67s. I've seen far to many PSA 8s with dinged corners.