With helpful responses from bbo, srs1a, and FYS (Thanks guys !!!) on my original post I thought I might fine tune my question in hopes of narrowing down my final choices. Also I thought this might let you know a little more about me and what my intentions are.....

The most important cards I am looking to have graded are "stars" from between 1955 and 1969. These include players like Mantle, Mays, Aaron, Williams etc..

Any random cards I have from 1970 -1986 are also star players like Seaver, Ryan, Aaron, Clemente

My "pre-War" cards are not necessarily of stars (except for my 1909 T-206 Ty Cobb), but are interesting specimens of various years of baseball history.

All my cards I bought for different reasons randomly over time. I am a HUGE baseball fan and having been born in 1962 I grew up with the stars on my "favorites" listed above.(the 1955's-1969's) I don't plan on selling them in the immediate future as I am not in the card "business", and I just LOVE my cards. But should the need arise or the right opportunity in the future, I'd like to have them graded and slabbed appropriately to hopefully draw the highest price for them. It really does seem to me that in many ways SGC cards are drawing similar sale values to PSA on star players cards. It also seems that that trend can only get better as SGC continues to grow, making the speculation of using them that much more solid?

I don't know that I understand the PSA advantage in price as it relates to larger "registries"? I also notice the obsession with PSA collectors for "sets" and perfect "GEM MINT 10's", which is far from my interest.

So given the years and cards I've listed, and my reasons for wanting to get graded, does it seem like SGC would be the right fit???

Thanks again