Yesterday I won 2 auctions on ebay for graded Rod Carew cards. Both cards are in Beckett holders, as that is my collecting approach for my favorite all-time player. Check out the links to see the conditions (sweet cards at a sweet deal).

1978 BVG 8.5 Topps and a 1975 BVG 8.5 Topps

I've got a nice string of high-graded Beckett Topps cards now.

1970 BVG 8.5 (highest graded 1 of 1)
1972 BVG 8.5 (2nd highest graded 1 of 1)
1975 BVG 8.5 (highest graded 1 of 4)
1977 BVG 9.0 (highest graded 1 of 4)
1978 BVG 8.5 (2nd highest graded 1 of 1)
1979 BVG 7.5 (need to upgrade but I sent of 5 of these to SGC recently)
1981 Carew/Brett Donruss BGS 9.0 (highest 1 of 1 cool card except for Angels uni)

Speaking of which I sent 49 cards to SGC under the special and their online invoice system says they received on April 3rd and Estimate Ship of May 5th...should get here any day...can't wait!)

Back to Carew, his 1967 Rookie card was sold in BVG 9.0 within recent months and I forgot how much it went for (~$3K). I'd love to have it but that is an ugly card in my book to pay out so much money. I'd rather have a 9.0 on a 1968 or 1971. Gosh, the bronze labels that Beckett uses is a distracting contrast for most all cards, so I'm happy with 8.5 as a minimum.

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