I'm not talking about the most expensive or one that you desire to fill a hole in your collection. I'm talking about a card that is just cool to look at because of things like:

* Card design (colors & font)
* Pose or action shot
* The way the above 2 just come together.

For me, a few come to mind:

1. 1977 and 1978 George Foster (always thought he was The Fonzie of 70s baseball)
2. Ted Klusenski (sp?) with his short shirt sleeves year?
3. 1978 Eddie Murray with Rookie Trophy and vintage Orioles helmet
4. 1969 Jim Palmer
5. 1967 Harmon Killebrew (powerful pose/forearms on a clear sunny day background)
6. 1971 Thurman Munson
7. 1977 Mark Fidrych (the hair/enthusiasm and the only Topps All-Star/Rookie card
8. 1977 NL Championship (Rose bustin' tale to 3rd with Maddox follow through throw and Bowa awaiting ball...charlie hustle in action)
9. 1968 Mantle/Mays/Killebrew (wow!)
10. 1981 Topps George Brett (in his prime with a look of cockiness and enjoyment)

I'm much more partial to special designated All-Star, combo (leaders/specials) and rookie designated cards from a cool looking design.

What's your list?...I'm sure I missed a ton

Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!