Here is a small sample of 1959 Topps Baseball PSA graded cards (all NM 7) that I cracked and crossed over to SGC holders:

40-Spahn (correct birth year) SGC 88 +1 grade improvement
316-Lumenti (no option line) SGC 80 -1 grade
369-Tomanek (common card) SGC 86 + 1/2 grade improvement

I'm obviously thrilled with the Spahn. It was definitely a high end PSA 7 and I was fully expecting an 86, holding out hope for an 88.

The Lumenti was almost as nice and I was sure it would grade 86, too. Didn't even get an 84, though. It was purchased on eBay in the PSA holder from dslsports in January. Won't be selling it, but it has now become a very expensive ExMt card.

Tomanek was also a high end PSA 7. I expected at least a half grade bump and got it.
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