Hi, I was hoping you all had some thoughts and suggestions for someone trying to sell all their baseball and other misc cards that they owned. I primarily have baseball cards from 1987-1989 with the few odd rookie cards from earlier years like a Fleer Mattingly and Topps Ozzie Smith...I also have a mix of older misc cards from 1976-1984, but most are not the highest grade.

From the prices in Beckett, I don't think many are worth submitting for grading since they are mostly under $10 each according to my book. Pretty much all the 1987-1989 cards were just stored for the last 17 years so they are all in NM-Mint shape.

Anyways, I was planning to sell all the higher value cards and the popular players (like Nolan Ryan, Griffey, Barry Bonds, Macguire, Conseco and any card over $1) as an individual auction set like:
1) Barry Bonds Donruss 87-1 card, 88-5 cards, 89-5 cards, Bowman 89-3 cards, Tops-4 cards, Upperdeck 89-2 cards
2) Sheffield Donruss 89-8 cards, Bowman 89-2cards, Upperdeck 89-1 card, Topps 89-3 cards
3) Griffey Donruss 89-6 cards, Bowman 89-2 cards
4) Bo Jackson a mix of 20 football and baseball rookie and other cards

Is this a good way to move them for a half decent price on eBay (or is there a better place) or way such as selling each one individually or selling them by year like 1989 Donruss, 1989 Fleer, etc? I assume with the shipping, it'd be better to sell them in lots and by player.

After selling all the higher valued cards, does anyone have any suggestions as to selling the rest of the 1984 Fleer commons or other commons from Donruss 88, 89? I have a large amount of these and wasn't sure if stores even buy them anymore and for how much.

Thank you for your time and advice.