My partner is primarily a comic book dealer and purchased a comic book from Neil - tfmhobbyshop. The comic was stated to be in MINT condition, however it was received as VG RESTORED. He contacted Neil who stated that he was primarily a card dealer and did not deal with comics. He wasn't concerned with negative feedback being left because he deals primarily in cards. After 1 week of emails he finally agreed to accept the return, it was mailed back to him and received by him. Well, 2 weeks later and he has NOT refunded the money and now has the book. If this can happen to a comic dealer it can happen to a card dealer. We filed a paypal claim against this crook, below is proof of all emails:


Send back for a refund.

Thanks for the pics.

--- Komixswarehouse2@aol.com wrote:

> Neil
> I did try to resolve this professionally, however
> you made it the buyers
> burdon to prove that you sell restored comics! It
> is YOUR responsibility to
> have the comic graded by a certified grader before
> listing the comic on Ebay as
> a MINT comic. NO restored comic is MINT, and not
> disclosing that the comic
> is restored is misleading and deceitful!
> You have a full scan of the comic, why not just
> accept the return and have
> it checked and you will see for yourself that it is
> restored! If you had
> bothered to open the front cover and check all along
> the spine you would see
> black magic marker covering small creases as well as
> the 1/8 inch tear at the
> bottom of the fc!
> I am not threatening you, but I would like to notify
> other comic book
> collectors regarding your selling practices so that
> they do not fall into the same
> fate as I have!
> Your statement regarding that the other comics from
> the same lot are
> unrestored is irrelivant, just because one item is
> restored does not mean that they
> are all restored!!!
> Sergio


The other books sold were received satisfactorily so I
can afford taking the hit on this one.



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Thanks a ton for letting me know. I am having trouble with him myself. I bought 2 and they are not even close to mint. He doesn't want to do anything about it. We'll he said I could send them off to get graded and if they came back worse than an 8.5 he would refund my money. Can you believe that?
Thanks again,


I have provided paypal with proof that the item was returned and accepted
the seller. The seller does not answer any of my emails. He has both my
money and books. Please advise how long it will take for me to get my
Label/Receipt Number: 0310 2990 0000 1024 5400
Status: Delivered

Your item was delivered at 11:08 am on July 20, 2006 in SAN JOSE, CA

I have sent the seller another email and he is NOT responding! He now has

his merchandise which I have returned to him as well as my Money!!!


I don't understand why you have ignored my emails and not refunded my
payment. Package containing the returned merchandise was delivered on July
20th to
you and confirmed by the United States Postal Service. My next step will
contacting your local police dept. and filing a fraud claim using the
States postal System, which makes it a Federal Offense

Please avoid this ebay crook!!!!!