You were all so helpful with my previous post, I thought I'd ask one more question. I hope you're willing to forgive a newbie asking for help.

My long term goal is to have every Packers Topps card. But, being new, I thought I'd start slow by first focusing on graded cards in the early 80s (I started collecting as a kid around this time). However, I've already realized that these cards for the most part are really easy to find and aren't that expensive. Although I'll be making progress on my goals, I'm a bit worried that getting a bunch of "commons" will just make me bored with my collection.

At the same time, however, I don't want to dive right into all of the good cards of the Packers from the 60s. They're harder to find and more expensive. Probably more fun to collect because of it, but it'd be a really slow build.

Anyone have suggestions on how to balance this? I want to focus and collect by year. If I go backwards in time, I think I'll get bored too quickly. If I start with the good stuff, I might only have two cards in my collection in six months.