I'll post the latest grade results here instead of under the SGC Registry. A few will end up in my set, but there are also five "crack out PSA/GAI and crossover" cards and 16 "crack out SGC and resubmits" that are worth documenting.

Under the heading of consistency, I cracked out 11 SGC 80 commons hoping for a bump up. Three cards bumped up to SGC 84, the other 8 stayed at 80.

I also cracked out four SGC 86 cards hoping for a bump up. Two stayed the same, one dropped to 84 and one dropped to 80. After cracking that last one, I discovered some uneven surface warping that made the original 86 suspect anyway, so I'm not surprised it got dropped, but how'd they miss it the first time? The other three should have gone to 88, so that's a disappointment.

The last SGC crackout was the elusive #104-Del Rice. Orignally a 60, it graduated up to a 70. It's dead-centered 50/50 and has a good surface, but it's got some honest corner wear. I think 70 is the right grade.

I cracked a PSA 7 #416-Sullivan. It got an 84, one corner away from an 88.
I cracked a PSA 8 #358-Terry. It got an 86, which is a bit harsh, it is nice.
I cracked a GAI 8 #333-Simpson. It got an 88, even though the centering was off. Still the highest graded SGC example out there.
I cracked a GAI 8 #299-Klaus. It got an 84, which is disappointing. It's nice too.
I cracked a GAI 7.5 #153-Marshall. It also got an 84.

Finally, I had four raw cards.
#516-Garcia pulled an 88 (no SGC graded higher).
#472-Freese pulled an 86 (a killer card that is tough to find; might have made 8 with PSA).
#322-Hanebrink NO TRADE pulled an 80, which is acceptable since it was centered about 90/10, but had four PRISTINE corners and no surface wear of any kind.
#300-Ashburn pulled a 70, centered similarly to the Hanebrink, but with one soft corner. The Ashburn came from a cello pack, so the surface is perfect as well.

All-in-all, I wasn't expecting a lot, but I like to play the crack out game. I'm happy with the Garcia, Freese, Simpson, Hanebrink and even the Rice as they will certainly go into my set as upgrades. I'm disappointed in the 86's that failed to bump, because they are very high end (if you can call a half-grade card high end). I'm also puzzled by the Terry, Klaus and Marshall. They were all nice enough to cross to 88, but this time SGC proved to be tougher graders than both PSA and ex-PSA (GAI).

If anyone is interested in scans, I'll post some next week or give a link to my sets.

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