I've noticed a lot of people who talk about resubmitting cards to various grading companies. Is it just me or do other people see this has contradictory? If you have faith in your grading company, shouldn't you have to accept what they give you as a grade? It seems like if you don't and you resubmit a card, you're saying that you have a better eye than the so-called experts. Some people just seem to resubmit until they get the grade they think it deserves. If this is what is happening, maybe the slabs should have a +/- of one grade. I understand that grading is somewhat subjective, but it seems like people should have to honor the grades they get. To a degree, doesn't this idea make it difficult to buy any given graded card? It may say SGC 96 or PSA 9 or whatever, but how do you know if it wasn't submitted two prior times and both those times they were 88's or 8's? I'm sure that if a card gets overgraded, the submitter will put the card in their registry set or just sell it, even though it may not warrant the grade it received. This isn't a jab at any grading company per se, I seem to have lost faith in grading because the grade doesn't really indicate what the condition of the card is. It just states what a given person deemed that card worthy of that day. Please share your thoughts on this.