I found out about grading cards in 1997 or so with Psa and then later
Sgc. I thought it was a great idea. Anyhow the first set I collected
graded were the 1964 Topps Giants. I battled the number one person
on the Psa registry for a year or so. I think he and I were really the only
two chasing this set in high grade early on. I lost interest in the set. The reasons:
Mostly on the fact that the cards were so plentiful in high grade
and two I was getting beaten by the more determined Psa guy -
'thegemmintman.' I still thought to complete this set in nm/mt grade
but I spent most of my $$$ and timing tracking red man cards. So now
I've sold my Giants except for a handful.

My question is how often do any of you start a set only to stop or think
of stopping it? I really enjoy the size, color, and overall appeal of
the red man cards so I have no intention of stopping. I plan to upgrade
after I complete my sets as well. It will be a life-long goal. My question
is for why do people stop a set? Do you find it difficult at times working
on the same set especially with all the nice cards out there?

I see a lot of obstacles doing a set that can cause either a lack
of interest or just giving up. For me they include supply, cost, and
size of a set.

I thought about starting a 1955 bowman football set but the size to me
is a turnoff (160 cards). I like really small sets. That and the cost
committment required to do this set right. I usually prefer Sgc 88
especially after analyzing this football set. That would be the way to go.
Now I'm trying to do an 55 Bowman Eagles team set in Sgc grade.
I wonder though is a team set a weak attempt to get some satisfaction?
I am a set collector by heart!