Can the Tigers possibly play any worse baseball than they have so far this year? The best baseball ticket in town is for the turn-of-the-century league games played on the green at Henry Ford Museum.

Will the Tigers uniform run the same course as Jordache jeans and a Members Only jacket - an outfit most people won't be caught dead in. After a decade of stinking up the place, how does Detroit begin rebuilding even with marginal, experienced talent?

At the beginning of the year, the word out to the public was the farm system had some solid talent at a few levels - the new double-play duo has already been dismantled, the buzz around Bonderman is gone. All we got left is Munson's run for ROY.

Yesterday's Detroit News published an article that Tiger Stadium may soon give way to the nation's 5,768th Wal-Mart store. I think the only thing smiling about that news is Wal-Mart's price-slashing yellow dot.

Next week's Trivia question, can anyone tell me what team holds the record for the most 20 game losing pitchers in a single year? I have a feeling Detroit is on their way to rewriting that piece of baseball history this summer.