Since I got into building a 1977 SGC Topps set, I have selling all other elements of my collection. Years ago, when Mike Lowell was at a low point, I scooped up a goodly number of his rookie autograph cards: Donruss signature, Donruss Millenium marks, Bowman certified blue. Got them all in the $4-$5 range. I've been selling them at 3x and 4x that price. Sure, they'll cool off, but what do I care? If I wasn't paying attention, I might get burned, but that would be my fault, not the evils of over production.

Modern makes a lousy long-term investment, but short term you can make money. With that in mind, modern is not hopeless investment-wise.

Just my $.02.
---- Matthew T. Natale Alexandria, Virginia Completed 1977 Topps Baseball SGC Graded Set, Average Grade 92.89