Hi everyone. This is my first time posting on these message boards as I spend all of my time on the CGC boards. I used to be a die-hard card collector and started builing my collection back in 1976. I had accumulated about 100K cards by 1988 and then started tapering off. Almost my entire collection was stolen from my home in 1991 and this put a truly sour taste in my mouth. I was able to save my most valuable cards as they were kept in a different location from the others. With this said....I have decided to get my best ones certified and in turn sell them. I have owned these cards for over 20 years and think it is time to move them on to someone else who will enjoy them. I have some free time this weekend and plan on getting some scans posted so that I can get some opinions on the best candidates. I have some good ideas, but want some opinions from those with more expertise than I now have as it has been so long since I bought a pack of cards. Some cards I have that are high grade---1963 Mantle, 1956 Williams, 1956 Clemente, 1953 Bowman color Campanella that is a true stunner, 1982 Ripken, 1981 Montana.....you get the picture. I hate to see them go...but it is time. When I put up the scans this weekend, I will appreciate any input you can give me that will help achieve the highest return on my cards. Thanks for looking.

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