For those of you who do not know Chris Porter president of Superior Sports Cards, he really is a classy guy. While I have never met him, I have talked with him several times and he has always left me with a very good impression. I have never heard one person in this hobby say a bad thing about him.

As you probably know Superior is going to be putting on the auction at the National in AC. Chris, who I understand was given pretty much free reign to run Superior, decided to take consignments of SGC and GAI product. From a business stand point I think that is a great idea and quite bold since those are PSA's main competitors.

I understand that David Hall has intervened in how Chris is trying to run Superior and is both questioning his decision to place SGC and GAI material in their auction and is supposedly either trying to have it removed or limit significantly the presence of SGC and GAI material. The catalog is already done, nicely I might add, and there are 4 separate lots that feature an SGC graded card and 3 separate lots that feature GAI graded material.

David really makes it tough for people to do their jobs. I have heard from everyone who has worked for him and those that I know who have known him for several years, that he is a most disagreeable man and absolutely brutal to work for.

I wish Chris good luck in his efforts and hope that his auction is a smash and sets a precedent for years to come.