In June, BMW Sportscards sponsored a trivia question on this message board. I was the winner and to his word, Brian Wentz, sent me a 1968 Topps Mickey Mantle (see attachement). Not just any '68 Mantle but an SGC graded 88! WoWeee!!!

I'm extremely appreciative and mildly surprised that this has occurred in times of tough economic times and where the hobby, in my opinion, has evolved into more about money and greed (PSA WIGWAG & proliferation of product as 2 good examples) than it was circa 1990. Collecting and fun has been lost by money and greed. BMW Sportscards jesture was generous in monetary value but drives at the heart of fun and collecting.

I can tell you that I have ZERO interest in selling this card and will treasure it in my collection. Like many of you here at this board, I consider myself the true card collector, a hobbyist. I'm 33 and started collecting Topps Baseball and Football in 1977. I busted packs to my parents dismay for the next 10 years before focusing on other interests (girls etc...). I suspended collecting for about 5 years and then got back into, even selling at a couple card shows around GA to pay for, what else, entertaining and pursuing college co-eds!

I'm truly impressed by this jesture and would like your advice on how I may re-pay BMW Sportscards with some hobby/media exposure. Outside of a thank you note, this post and a letter to SCD's weekly newspaper, is there something else I can do to promote the integrity of BMW and highlight the fun we share in SGC graded material. I'm open to your suggestions and I'm open to marketing efforts with BMW and SGC.

You know, SGC would do well to use us set registry collectors in their advertising. I'd start with the gentleman with the 1971 Baseball set that is near complete. What an exposure that would be to SGC and the hobby that needs more true collectors. I digress...

Let me know your thoughts on how to recognize BMW for this show of genorisity. My only question is whether I'd be allowed to win another trivia question.


Enjoy Your Collection & SKOL VIKINGS!