Well, after 4+ years on eBAY, I finally left a not positive feedback -- I gave a guy a neutral. In the past, I have tended to merely not leave feedback if I had a bit of a problem. The vast majority of the time this had to do with raw cards being over-graded in the auction description and chalked it off to experience.

Here's the story

I hit BIN on a PSA-8 '68 common that I need (need it to x-over, that is!)

I sent a MO the same day

2 weeks later, no card -- I email the dealer and ask what's what...he confirms that he received payment and says it's in the mail

The next day I get a reminder from eBAY to pay for the card -- what?

I send another email asking what's what -- he asks me what I bought (?)

After going back and forth with the guy for another 2 weeks, I give up and tell him I'm busting him to eBAY. This is not #1 on my priority list, and I didn't know exactly how to bust someone on eBAY...so I didn't do anything.

2 days later, the card arrives -- post marked the day I told him I was going to bust him.

I was going to NEG him, but since I finally did receive the card, I though a NEUTRAL was appropriate. Did I wimp out? What would you guys have done?