A board member contacted me earlier today and had some questions about the legitimacy of the following auction:

Link to auction -- 1937 Joe DiMaggio card

I have posted information on other forums about this material that several individuals sell on eBay, but I think it's appropriate that I also write something about it here. This was my response:

The Joe DiMaggio "card" originates from Roy Huff (aka "libertyforall" from Hawaii). He is a scam artist who cuts pictures out of magazines and baseball guides and puts them in screwdowns (with rivets) to make them look like graded baseball cards. He also takes 1937 and 1938 Goudey flipbooks and cuts them up. Each of the individual pages (as seen in the auction you referenced) are "slabbed" in an effort to trick collectors into believing they are bidding on real baseball cards. In reality, nearly every item in an "AAA" or "NASA" holder is a worthless scrap of paper.

Additional note: for those who are interested, the 1937 Goudey "Thum Movies" and 1938 Goudey "Big League Baseball Movies" can both be indexed in alphabetical and year order in either the Beckett Almanac or Standard Catalog of baseball cards. Both items contain multiple pages and were not meant to be disassembled and sold as individual "baseball cards" since they are clearly individual pieces of paper and not Joe DiMaggio "rookie cards."